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Ottocycle - 45436 azumanga_daioh kimura
Ottocycle aka Humbug aka Shocked Glasses man – Though reluctantly conceded to contributing after some persuasion, his vast knowledge of voice actors and Anisong has brought him fame but not fortune in a few small circles. He is the guy who radios in when the icecream man has arrived at the bottom of the hill. Those who follow him on twitter will know him from his 12-tweet-long ravings. Look forward to detailed, articulated music reviews and (hopefully) random musings/rants/raves on various other topics.


azn86.jedi aka maykoro aka guy who owns red a vacuum cleaner – Enjoys mahjong (fighting world war XVII with his winning hand of three dragons), flinging lightsabers with his force powers, and the occasional irradiation of random people. He hasn’t made an official post but his expertise lies in star wars, mahjong, music transcription and anime in general. Hopefully he’ll be motivated to post one day!


Ayeecaramba aka Tsuki aka Lim Teack – One of the rare girls that enjoys anime and has a rather unique taste in said anime. Most of the stuff she watches, me and ottocycle have heard of but haven’t touched, and azn86.jedi has not heard of at all. Fun stuff 😛 We’re all looking forward to her posts on these niche and unique shows!


Shinchange aka Jayne aka ORE SANJOU aka Scintillating Golden Warrior of the Jade Dragon Sword – This being of blinding brightness contains the highest concentration of pure unadulterated shounen POWAH and I would not be surprised if he would chant for 5 minutes telling me about how his hand is telling him to defeat me before unleashing LAZER b33mz to kill me. His interests lie in tokusatsu, old school mecha, philosophy, justice, virtue, chaos, courage, devotion and sacrifice.

Of course, there are no set rules of who will post what so stay tuned for lots of surprises!


One response to “Writers

  1. Saga October 17, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    azn86.jedi? the former aost member? This still seems like a small blog but you write well. Why not share your stuff on the new aost site. It’s small, but building.

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