Boiling randomness

Japan Trip: Winter 2011-2012

Rainbow Bridge

Just in time (or not), here’s a post series to revive the ol’ neglected blog! I shall be documenting my most recent adventure in the land of the rising sun. This time, I had planned a cross-country holiday for the first week which included Osaka, Hiroshima, Kobe and Nagoya, after which we would return to Tokyo and spend another week and a half there. The aim was to see some of the major sights of Japan (regular holidaying) and indulge in otaku pleasantries.

For those requiring geographical placement, or just wish to visit the places I went to, here’s most of the destinations in one handy gmap:

Day by day breakdown of the trip (links will appear as posts are written):

Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo, travelling mishaps on the way to Osaka, first night in Osaka.

Day 2: The fruitless search for Endo Sushi, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Shinsaibashi

Day 3: Shittenoji, Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building

Day 4: Travel to Hiroshima, Peace Memorial Building and Park, Itsukushima Shrine and Torii Gate

Day 5: Travel to Kobe, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Mitsui Outlet Park, most awesome beef at Mouriya, Kobe Port Tower, Chinatown

Day 6: Travel to Nagoya, Nabana no Sato

Day 7: Nagoya Castle, Sunshine Sakae, the fruitless search for Devilish Chicken Wings, Osu Kannon Temple, Travel to Tokyo

Day 8: Tsukiji Fish Market, Odaiba and the Rainbow Bridge

Day 9: Ramen Museum, Yokohama Port and Port Tower, Chinatown

Day 10: Harajuku, Shibuya

Day 11: Akihabara, Tokyo Tower

Day 12: Nakano Broadway, Roppongi Hills, Shinjuku

Day 13: Asakusa, Tokyo Sky Tree

Day 14: Tokyo Dome City

Day 15: Akihabara revisited

Day 16: Harajuku and Shibuya revisited, Akihabara yet again

Day 17: Makuhari the fail (no photos)

Day 18: Ueno Park and Museums, cream puffs

Day 19: Last minute shopping at Akihabara, flight back


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