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Singapore Day 16-17 Sept2012

Mount Faber’s touristy stuff

These were my last 2 days in Singapore before heading to Japan for a 3 week work internship! My mom wanted to go to Mount Faber for dinner and have a look around so off we went in the late afternoon. Expecting a reasonable amount of scenery, I brought the camera and tripod along to snap some shots. It was actually a surprisingly good view up there although the vegetation was decidedly overgrown. Some vegetation is good to frame photos but the trees and shrubbery were obscuring much of the view.

Walking around, we found a walkway lined with various murals. They seemed relatively new and nicely made. Soon enough, we found the place we wanted to eat at but since it was still relatively early, I wanted to take advantage of the dwindling daylight and went in search of more scenery to photograph.

Unfortunately, it was quite foggy.

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Singapore Day 13-15 Sept2012

Days 13-15 were relatively uneventful. I met up with some friends on two of the days day, and had a meal with relatives on the remaining day.

Grass jelly drink served in a rustic steel mug

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Singapore Day 12 Sept2012

Okay, so where was I before I was rudely interrupted by real life and horrid exams? Ah yes, still in Singapore way back 2 months ago.

Met up with some friends at Chinatown for a trip to Maxwell food center. I wanted to have some chicken rice at the much-hyped Tian Tian chicken rice stall. Before that though, I arrived too early and my friends were both late so I took a walk around the place, snapping some shots.

Multicoloured lanterns everywhere!

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Singapore Day 10-11 Sept2012

National Library

Didn’t do much these two days. Visited the National Library and kinda got lost in there as it’s quite large. Didn’t find a good spot to take photos from in the end so I settled for a random shot out the window from the 9th floor.

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Singapore Day 9 Sept2012

Cheesiness was widespread in Singapore even 24 years ago

I originally had no plans for today but then I met up with a friend and went to the National Museum together… but firstly!

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Singapore Day 7-8 Sept2012

ION Orchard. Just hanging out~

Met up with some army friends for 2 days of mad weeaboo antics.

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Singapore Day 6 Sep2012

Gardens by the Bay

Today I met up with a friend to go to Gardens by the Bay near Marina Bay from Day 4. As this place was undergoing construction last I was in Singapore, this would be my first time visiting it. Knowing it was probably foolish to have gone to the Botanical Gardens yesterday, I tried to reset my state of mind in order not to get bored of all the greenery that I would be seeing yet again.

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Singapore Day 5 Sep2012

Botanical Gardens

Today was fairly uneventful but I did go over to the Botanical Gardens for a short walk before heading to Jumbo for some much-anticipated seafood.

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Singapore Day4 Sep2012

Photography Day!

As you might have noticed, Day 3 has been skipped as it was a day of visiting the relatives and generally nothing worth writing about here.

Day 4, however, turned out to be quite an exciting day of photography. Starting out in the afternoon at Orchard Rd, I had planned to meet a friend who would show me the ropes with the camera and bring me round to some nice spots.

First on the agenda would be for me to get something to eat before meeting my friend. Took the bus down towards the city center and alighted at Takashimaya where I found myself getting lost in the sea of people that are present at all times in this area.

Now, the dilemma I was faced with is this: KFC or ToriQ? Yes, very silly choices but I can’t get cheese fries, crispy chicken, or chicken skin yakitori in Melbourne!

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Singapore Day 2 Sep2012

Spiderman photobombing my Star Wars

Today would be a rather hectic one with two conventions to go to, namely STGCC and Comex. First up is STGCC which is an all round geek fest covering Western comic books and art through to Manga and Japanese novels. Games such as Dragon Nest and Gundam Capsule Fighter had a presence there too.

I woke up fairly early to meet a friend and hopefully get into the exhibition hall early enough to be able to leisurely browse the merchandise offered. I had planned to buy something to get signed by Itou Noizi, the creator of Suzumiya Haruhi and Shakugan no Shana, but this proved to be quite a difficult feat. No Shana goods was to be found and the only Haruhi-related item was a Kyon Nenderoid by Goodsmile.

Worth mentioning is that my friend dressed up as a Kamen Rider (Dajadoru to be exact) and I was his spotter the entire time. It was an interesting experience and I got much amusement from his waves of popularity as we wandered around the exhibition hall.

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