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VF-25 Messiah + Super Pack

My first and only valkyrie fighter! Unfortunately I left it outside of a case and the dust hasn’t left it alone for a whole year.


This is Bandai’s injection kit of the VF-25 Messiah piloted by Roy Focker DJ Ozma Lee in Macross Frontier. Differences between Ozma’s and Alto’s VF-25 is the colour (Ozma’s is grey while Alto’s is white) and Ozma’s is meant to have a huge garish Skull decal right in the middle just behind the cockpit. I actually bought the VF-25 Messiah by itself and later on ordered the super pack addon. This particular kit is capable of transforming into fighter, gerwalk and battroid modes but this has come at a great sacrifice to structural integrity.


As you can see, many parts don’t sit flush without glue or hours of frustating fiddling. The super pack has given the VF –25 fat legs that cannot point straight backwards anymore and that tail piece falls off unprovoked. The wing boosters, however, are gorgeous. They lock firmly onto the wings and sit comfortably in place.


The design of the VF-25 on its own (without extra packs) is genius. It very closely resembles a RL fighter jet while having subtle design tweaks that give away its sci-fi origin. From time to time I regret putting the super pack onto it as it then loses the subtlety and becomes a full blown spaceship. Also, that super pack doesn’t just clip on as you would think it does. The model needs to be 20% disassembled and parts replaced. Only the wing boosters clip on.


Overall, the quality of the kit matches MG gunpla from about 10 years ago which is decent but bandai could have done alot better considering the amount of competition and demand for decent Macross kits. However, for their price, the VF-25 injection kit is very good value. As of now, there is still no other fully transformable VF-25 priced under $100SGD so it would be a good idea to pick up one of these if you’re in the market for good quality MacF merchandise but don’t want to spend $250++


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