Boiling randomness

MG Wing Zero ver.KA


Here we go again with the continuation of the (seemingly) unending UNPAINTED AND NEGLECTED GUNDAM event *insert canned fanfare*

Right, so the MG Wing Zero ver.KA is one of those weird and wonderful gunpla kits that I drooled over when I was much younger. It gave of a very alien feel with the angular panels and simple primary colour scheme but was still strangely familiar since the wing zero is the basis of this kit.


The wing zero ver.ka is capable of transformation into an ‘airplane’ mode which I find quite funny looking because the wings are attached far too cranial and on spindly little limbs so it’s as if everything from the waist down is just flapping around. In gundam mode however, this kit is beautiful. All the proportions are perfect and the pronounced angular panelling prevents the white, yellow, blue and reds from clashing (too much).


Am I the only one who sees an evil turkey shadow? Overall build quality is average. The shield fits on nicely and none of the major joints are loose or floppy. The wings don’t articulate very well unfortunately so it’s really difficult to angle them into a ‘natural’ or appealing position. The gun only has one handle but it’s too long and heavy to be held up properly with one hand. I managed to achieve the pose in the photos by using that blue flap to cover the wrist (the hand is actually angled down due to the gun pulling on it) and jamming the thumb between the index finger and 3rd finger so the hand has a reasonable grip.

If you throw the gun away, posability is actually not bad. The ammo packs for the BIG WORLDENDING GUN fit onto either arm (as if you’d need more shots from that thing).

I quite enjoyed building and posing the wing zero ver.ka. Since the parts were molded with brightly coloured plastic, it was more fun than usual to put it all together simply because things were not all the same drab colour again and again.


Evil shadow turkey strikes again!


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