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MG Strike Rouge

Ah, the extremely overused MG Strike frame from the CE universe. Almost the exact same construction has found its way into the gunpla world via MG aile strike, launcher strike, sword strike, strike rouge, strike IWSP, strike noir and strike E+IWSP (Maybe I missed a limited edition kit here or there but you get the idea). The strike rouge is the first of only two strike kits that I own and is also one of the earliest gunpla kits that I built with the intention of painting and displaying in the future. On hindsight, the strike rouge was a very good kit to start off with due to its relative simplicity and refined design.


The strike rouge is just a colour variation of the earlier released aile strike and is identical in all other aspects. The aile strike represented a culmination of breakthroughs in MG design, featuring shoulder joints that moved forwards and backwards, legs that had one or more movable parts that articulated together with the knee, ball-jointed stable ankles and a waist with 3 dimensions of articulation. This is all standard and expected in all MG kits now but if you have ever built an older kit without these innovations in design, you would realize how much posability and structural integrity has been added.


That gun looks good despite being unpainted – just shows how much attention to detail went into the strike. Unfortunately, it is far from perfect. Those wings on the aile pack are horrendously loose and fragile. I’ve actually broken the joint of the left wing and tried to repair it with super glue and carefuly placement but it continues to be floppy. The hip scabbards where the knives live are extremely difficult to open and the knives themselves rattle around unsecured within them as well. The cranial shin plate is very short and as a result, when the feet are articulated backwards, a large aesthetically displeasing gap is produced. The mobile ankle armor also tends to be loose but can be easily stiffened up by applying superglue to the articulating surfaces, letting that dry and harden before assembly. The waist has very limited forward and backward tilt but it is still significant when compared to the virtually nil tilt in ZZ and kampfer.


The aile pack is HUGE. MG strike rouge comes with the pictured large based stand complete with nonfunctional wire, plug and roller thing as you can see. The beam sabers do not fit together end to end but the aile pack is made up of 3 separately moving parts. The two ventral boosters have ball joints so you can point them whichever way you like. Cockpit hatch can open, but with great difficulty and risk. Also, the aile pack can be detached and swapped with the IWSP, sword or launcher pack. It also fits onto Freedom’s body if you like your frankengundams.


If you’re itching to get into the gunpla scene, get yourself an MG strike (any of the ones I listed up there). The base model is high quality, beginner-friendly (relatively) and fairly inexpensive. In terms of compatibility for those interested in scratchbuilding and frankengundams, Freedom might be a better choice – although that strike rouge IWSP with Freedom cannons looks hilarious!






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