Boiling randomness

MG RX-78GP02A Physalis


Now this is one formidable looking mech. Armed with a nuclear cannon as well as a HUGE shield, it played a key role in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. The gp02 is piloted/stolen by GAATTOOOOOO who was capable of turning this clunky looking Gundam into one that is rightly feared in melee combat.

 More Pictures and review after the jump!


This is one of the older model kits I own and its age shows – joint articulation is very limited, the shield is so heavy it cannot be supported by the arm alone, it’s a struggle to get the other hand to grip the nuclear cannon. It is, however, sturdy, heavy and once you get it into a proper pose, very nice to look at. Watch out for those joints between the arm and the shoulder, they twist out very easily. The stand was bought separately from the model kit. Although, gp02 is very stable thanks to those very wide based feet and does not require a stand to have a decent pose.


Gp02’s nuclear cannon has a detachable barrel which can be stored in the shield if you so desire. Most of the combat it saw WAS melee so you wouldn’t be crazy to tuck that nuclear cannon away and whip out those beam sabers.


BEEG shield



It certainly resembles a ground gundam from the back.

The gp02 is a little bit larger than zeta and impulse and sells for roughly the same price – more than worth it despite its age. It also weighs a fair bit more so you might have trouble with that stand if you like to play around with your Gundams. Detail is good and the proportions make it look larger than it really is which is always nice.


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