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MG Force Impulse with ASS

Did that title catch your attention? Moving on…I present to you the MG Force Impulse!


 More Pictures and review after the jump!

This is one of the two model kits that I built early this year and I’d have to say the engineers and designers over at Bandai have done a great job tweaking Kunio Okawara’s creation into something far more respectable and appealing than the animation version. XGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam made its debut in the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY piloted by Shinn Asuka. There was a very long henshin sequence of the backpack, chest part, leg part and tentatively named core splendour/sprender/sprendor which was repeated countless times in later episodes (The shield flashing bit still cracks me up). I guess Kunio’s backpacks have gotten large enough that they’re capable of flying around by themselves.


Now, to say that the impulse is equivalent to the aile strike (Gundam Seed, piloted by the strongest plot armour in all of anime) as the protagonist mech of GSD is very controversial. IMHO, there was a big switch somewhere around episode 23 where the story went to hell and suddenly Mr. Plot Armour became the protagonist and the Shinn hate became very prevalent. If anyone out there hasn’t watched GSD, I would recommend stopping at episode 23 and going on to laugh all the way to the last episode as bandai delivers a flashy 20+ episode gundam commercial.



Being one of the more recent MG kits around, the articulation and detail of all the parts is top notch – that Impulse can spread its legs like a ballerina (If that’s what you like). However, those wings on the backpack tend to sag a bit, but far less than the MG Aile Strike. It comes with a transformable detailed core splendor and a nontransformable  more sturdy core sprender, very long beam sabers as is customary in the CE universe, and an air plane (pictured above) that attaches to the backpack so it doesn’t look so ridiculous flying around.

One thing that puzzles me is why did ZAFT choose to move the traditionally placed head vulcans to the chest? I realized when using Impulse in GSD:RvZ2+ that chest mounted vulcans are vastly inferior to head vulcans in the one and only use for vulcans – distraction since you’re never going to be facing your opponent straight on amidst all the dodging and boosting around.


I bought the black stand separate for 500 yen in Akiba


For all those who have been wondering up till now, ASS stands for Anti Ship Sword, of which one is included in the MG Force Impulse kit (No I did not steal the ASS from my ungraded Sword Impulse). I decided to pose the Force Impulse with the ASS because a) it’s a big sword and b) it is the only thing that has ever pierced plot armour so thick.

All in all, MG Force Impulse is a good buy. Construction and detail is what you would expect of a recently developed MG kit and matches that of the Zeta v2.0 (the gold standard of MG). Everything folds together to go into your expensive 4-tier sequential MS catapult launchpad if you have one and it even comes with additional fixed hands for holding that big heavy ASS.



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