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MG Destiny Extreme Burst Mode

Destiny holds a special place in my heart as the first Gundam I screamed AWSUM about. It still holds as one my favourite Gundams of all time but is now joined by the likes of GP03, Gouf Custom, Hi-nu, and EX-S Deep Striker. I realize it is a CE mech piloted by a supposed whiney unlikable character but for some reason I found Shinn to be someone I could relate to. Was it just childish fanboyism? I don’t know but the fact that he as a character got swept aside to be replaced by a womanizer who sounds like he’s dying when he cries unleashed a motivation to support the underdog like no other.


Rumours and sketches of Destiny reached me way back when GSD was still airing and I was very enthusiastic about the concept of wings of light as well as the prospect of multiple specialised weapons. However, due to the Kira fanboy ad that GSD had become by the time Destiny spread its wings, I was very let down by the underwhelming combat. Regardless, I am still in awe of this design, especially after it was given the MG treatment and de-stubbified.



The MG Destiny Extreme Burst Mode comes with additional parts – namely the clear plastic beam shield, alternate beam sabers , a custom stand, parts for gotto fingah and those huge wings of light. Of course, the most impressive feature of the model are the wings of light which made Destiny far too big to fit into my display cases (and consequently I had to leave it out to collect dust). The blue antiship sword and the green beam cannon not only fold but also extend, the spiky things on the shoulders are beam boomerangs.


I remember raving incessantly about Destiny’s obvious multipurpose capabilities which were sorely underused by Shinn. The antiship sword, beam cannon, beam boomerangs (which double as beam sabers), beam rifle and gotto fingah apparatus ensured that Destiny would have strengths in every imaginable range. I wish Bandai had done it justice and shown the anime community the ingenuity of this design.

Overall, this kit was on par with the MG freedom. There was almost nothing to hate, everything to like, but also nothing particularly innovative about it. Posability and structural integrity are what you would expect of a post-zeta v2 model which has been refined to near perfection. The stand is sturdy but inflexible, bland in design and a tad too tall for my liking.


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