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Japan Autumn 2012 – Day12a: Gundam at Odaiba

1/1 scale Gundam

Finally, the day has come when I can see the 1/1 scale Gundam with my very own two eyes. I also get to attend a live performance by AKB48 at their home theatre too!  Read more of this post


Resources: When you don’t have enough vespene gas

Argh, too much technology!

In the interest of reducing the media load of future posts, here are some handy websites where you can get your hands on the music, videos, merchandise, and whatever crazy stuff I might deign to talk about.

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Coincidence… or Sheer Genius Plot Weaving? The Theft of the GN Drives

So, I was in deep chat with mshaydown last night and he was ranting to me about how his elder brother gets preferential treatment when it comes to getting a new car. Me and mshaydown being mecha fans (the former more hardcore than the latter), likened the automobiles currently in our possession (including his brother’s NEW car) to Gundams…

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SaiMecha Nominations by Ottocycle and MshaYdowN

So we, being mecha fans at the core, decided to do a post similar to what ghostlightning has done, though with not as many robots.

Here’re my (mshaydown’s) nominations for SaiMecha. They’re rated based on awesome, badassery and any other extremely vague term you want to call it. What’s funny is that I initially started off with a list of about 14 but somehow after an hour, that became 4 as I tried to realize the reasons I had for nominating them.

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Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) OST Notes

I’m sure anyone left over still reading this blog would be familiar with the latest installment in the venerable Gundam franchise this year – Mobile Suit Gundam UC. Back when the show was announced, I was ecstatic to hear that a certain Sawano Hiroyuki was going to pen the score to it, given how I really loved how his pieces were able to stir my soul with the loud epic scope which made Sengoku Basara and Gigantic Formula seem larger than life.

With the second episode having aired approximately two months ago, we, the viewers have been treated to a showcase of how most of the pieces in the released original soundtrack were used in context, and it is with that knowledge I intend to write a little more on the tracks which have had less spotlight on them due to the timing of the soundtrack’s release relative to those of the episodes. Read more of this post

[Mecha Game Soundtrack Non-Review] Another Century’s Episode R BGMs

First things first, there’s been a dearth of posts here lately. It’s probably because of the new academic semester going crazy on us, since AFAIK we’re all final year students in university. I don’t know whether that counts as an excuse, but that’s the truth, at the very least.

Anyways, in this period there seems to be a constant search term “Another Century’s Episode R OST”, or some variation of that, that leads some hits here, of course related to the recent release of the game. And I shall shamelessly pander to them now! Read more of this post

Mobile Suit Gundam Climax UC–OST Review


Gundam games have a tendency to be extremely mediocre and not fun to play due to clunky control systems, horrendous framerate and/or mindrending voice acting. Climax UC is thankfully not THAT mediocre and the soundtrack is relatively noteworthy. Read more of this post

MG Wing Zero ver.KA


Here we go again with the continuation of the (seemingly) unending UNPAINTED AND NEGLECTED GUNDAM event *insert canned fanfare* Read more of this post

Musings: Another Century’s Episode 3 OST

It’s been a full 3 years since I last played this crazy mashup of a game but every so often a track or two from the ost plays on my media player so here’s some random musings and half a review!

AVCD-31285_01 Read more of this post

MG Destiny Extreme Burst Mode

Destiny holds a special place in my heart as the first Gundam I screamed AWSUM about. It still holds as one my favourite Gundams of all time but is now joined by the likes of GP03, Gouf Custom, Hi-nu, and EX-S Deep Striker. I realize it is a CE mech piloted by a supposed whiney unlikable character but for some reason I found Shinn to be someone I could relate to. Was it just childish fanboyism? I don’t know but the fact that he as a character got swept aside to be replaced by a womanizer who sounds like he’s dying when he cries unleashed a motivation to support the underdog like no other.


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