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Tune Highlight: Over the Top from the Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspectors OST

It’s been a long time since the last Tune Highlight I wrote, and I sort of remember them to be pretty fun to write, so here’s another one. Of course with a significant portion of them not being mecha tunes, here’s one which is rightfully so, what with the blog name and all that. I believe almost everyone who’s reading this post knows about the Super Robot Wars tactical RPG series and its animated offshoots, so I’ll spare you the introductions and jump right in.

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Tune Highlight: Sub-Theme: Sentou II from the Freezing OST

Freezing is one of the dismissed titles of the currently airing Winter ’11 anime season. Featuring flimsy clothes the tensile strength of tofu and a cast full of well-endowed girls, that definitely meant that the crowd looking for better stories to their entertainment would simply cast this title aside after a promo image or two.

Meanwhile, I checked this title out nonetheless, as the music was tasked to Yokoyama Masaru of Queen’s Blade fame, and more recently Arakawa Under the Bridge.  Especially Queen’s Blade. Given the quality of the music he made for that show, Freezing seemed like a perfect fit for him. Read more of this post

Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) OST Notes

I’m sure anyone left over still reading this blog would be familiar with the latest installment in the venerable Gundam franchise this year – Mobile Suit Gundam UC. Back when the show was announced, I was ecstatic to hear that a certain Sawano Hiroyuki was going to pen the score to it, given how I really loved how his pieces were able to stir my soul with the loud epic scope which made Sengoku Basara and Gigantic Formula seem larger than life.

With the second episode having aired approximately two months ago, we, the viewers have been treated to a showcase of how most of the pieces in the released original soundtrack were used in context, and it is with that knowledge I intend to write a little more on the tracks which have had less spotlight on them due to the timing of the soundtrack’s release relative to those of the episodes. Read more of this post

Tune Highlight: “Mystline” from the Samurai Champloo OST

Not too much time to write with exams looming. But I just have to say that this piece does help me retain my sanity pretty much. Hip-hop piano? Aw hell yeah.

Rest in Beats, Nujabes.

Another Century’s Episode Portable

Just a quick post announcing that the promo video for ACE: P has been released on the official website. For those who can’t be bothered to go there, a youtube is fine too I guess.

What’s with that accent? Feels even more offputting than actual Engrish.


Autumn 2010 Anime Season Music Impressions


Having tried out quite a few of the series (read: only watched the first episodes) in the Autumn 2010 anime season lineup, I thought I’d do a quick and dirty list of what I felt about their music so far. Read more of this post

Tune Highlight: “Outroduction of Legend” from Red Cliff

(Another experimental post, not on mecha or anime for a change, as I try to practise writing blabber purporting to make sense of wordless instrumental music.)

Prior to watching the Chinese epic two-parter movie Red Cliff , I’ve only heard of Iwashiro Tarou once, when checking out the first Tokimeki Memorial Piano Collection which he was in charge of arranging. (He’s got one helluva CV though.) I found the tunes in that album pleasantly above average, with many nice highlights, but nothing terribly outstanding. After that, I’ve never bothered to find any works done by him, that is, until the Red Cliff soundtracks sprung into my field of view. Here’s the track I think to be the most outstanding, the last BGM track of the movie – “Outroduction of Legend”:

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Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto Trailer. With music by…

Earlier today, shinchange poked me on IM with a link to the video below.It was a trailer to the new mecha anime which is going to take over Sengoku Basara 2‘s primetime TV timeslot on 5:00pm on Sundays (Japan time), named Star Driver. I thought I’d post this here as it seems to be positioned as the next big mecha anime thing coming up, what with the huge budget used for securing such a timeslot, and the extremely fluid animation. (Comments after the break!)

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[Mecha Game Soundtrack Non-Review] Another Century’s Episode R BGMs

First things first, there’s been a dearth of posts here lately. It’s probably because of the new academic semester going crazy on us, since AFAIK we’re all final year students in university. I don’t know whether that counts as an excuse, but that’s the truth, at the very least.

Anyways, in this period there seems to be a constant search term “Another Century’s Episode R OST”, or some variation of that, that leads some hits here, of course related to the recent release of the game. And I shall shamelessly pander to them now! Read more of this post

Review: Break Blade OP Single – Fate (and ottocycle’s first post with content)

CD sleeve cover

Approximately four years ago, I was idling on the internet on a lazy Saturday afternoon when the top dog to-be of this little site, mshaydown, poked me on IM with a song recommendation. That song was the credits theme for “Giniro no Kami no Agito” (otherwise known as “Origin – Spirits of the Past” stateside) titled “Ai no Melody”. I instantly was entranced by the song’s beauty and especially the quality of the singing voice, which started me off on my being a KOKIA fan to this day. Fast-forward back to this moment, and here I am drafting my first-ever music review on the internet, and I finally decided on KOKIA’s latest single, titled “Fate”, to be it. One might want to add in extra relevance due to it being a song for a mecha anime as well, if some tongue-in-cheek is in order for this here mecha blog-thing. Anyway, diving into the single itself… Read more of this post