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Coincidence… or Sheer Genius Plot Weaving? The Theft of the GN Drives

So, I was in deep chat with mshaydown last night and he was ranting to me about how his elder brother gets preferential treatment when it comes to getting a new car. Me and mshaydown being mecha fans (the former more hardcore than the latter), likened the automobiles currently in our possession (including his brother’s NEW car) to Gundams…

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Yet Another Post about SaiMecha…

…this time from me, maykoro aka azn86jedi- the ever nonpresent co-author collaborative author on Mechapot.

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Random Gadget Review: Nokia N97


IMG_0762 It’s been a while since I posted anything on here, so I thought I’d get cracking and help out with some content…albeit not really related to what most of us specialise in…but what this site is all about: RANDOMNESS. Without further ado, here’s my thoughts on the Nokia N97, soon to be replaced in use with the HTC Desire HD (which I’ll endeavour to review once I: a) get it; and b) use and play around with it).

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Star Wars on an Electric Organ- maykoro aka azn86.jedi’s first post

Hi readers! As this is my first post, I’ll introduce you to a video and thereafter give you some background of a part of my geekiness, and it’s only appropriate that it’s related to my better known alias…

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…And another guy gets roped in….

Osu~! (Kinda the Japanese equivalent for Heya!)

azn86.jedi here, or maykoro as I’m known in some circles (mostly by the former, I made a second one just to make things easier on everyone else). Another RL friend of mshaydown. As with ottocycle, my bio about myself exists elsewhere (Insert Rant and Vent warning here). My main specialty would be anime music, more specifically chord “transcription” of said music. I’ll try to stick to that, if not I’ll try and post something else geeky from time to time….