Boiling randomness

I gotta run, gotta run, gotta run today…

Been watching much Australian TV lately? Then these words will sound very familiar. Apparently you need to showcase your house on a particular website for it to be “visible”. Literally. But I digress. Today’s post is on the band that sang the song for that advert. They are known as COG.

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Here one second, gone the next

Sounds like some fancy kung fu skill but that’s actually just the unfathomable stranglehold exams have on my life now. Meh. Well a quick rant from me because… Well cos I have no one to rant about this to. Double meh.

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Review of Coldrain’s Nothing Lasts Forever by ayeecaramba

First Aug post and first post by me! 😀

Ayeecaramba aka NOT Lim Teack (stupid msn) here. Hopefully mrshayshay hasn’t raised anyone’s hopes about my post because I can conclude with much confidence that I’m not the best anime reviewer out there. Hell, I’m probably worse than the worst of them. Truth is I’ve never reviewed an anime because I’m a regurgitator and a goldfish– I spew out important things about the plot unwittingly, and my 5s memory doesn’t help with remembering finer details. Ok pardon the goldfish reference, I know they have much much longer memories than I do sometimes.

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Konichiwa desu~!

Konichiwa mina~~!! Lotsa love here from ayeecaramba! Silly mrshaydown wanted to rope me into becoming his slave writer for this blog, but it’s ok, I’m so cute and sweet~~ that I said yes!


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