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Japan Autumn 2012 – Days 5-10: Working Life

Welcome gift. Yay!

Days 5 to 10 were spent working at a clinic in Shirokane. Work started at 10am and ended anywhere past 7pm with a 1 hour commute each way so there wasn’t any time to visit any destinations on work days. However, there was still the issue of meals and the main choice I had to make was whether or not to eat out somewhere along the way back, or buy groceries and cook something for dinner.

Just hanging out

Most nights were spent chilling; watching the television, surfing the internets, playing with the cat, or reading up on a little bit of study material here and there. I had been warned that Tinkerbell (the cat) would be a little unfriendly but she turned out to be a real sweetheart. She slept on the bed with me every night and came up for petting quite often. I guess she liked me.

Most beautiful bunch of grapes I’ve ever bought

After a few days, I found that grocery shopping and eating in was generally more fun than eating out so I brought meals back to the accommodation for the latter half of the week. It was mighty convenient too since the grocery store and a convenience store were located just outside the train station. Fruits were crazy expensive so aside from the bunch of grapes in the photo above, I didn’t buy any others. My shopping bag usually contained a few elements; 1) a main such as a piece of fish, some meat, or discount bento; 2) some onigiri; 3) a snack such as pizza flavoured potato chips or savoury bread; and 4) dessert. I tended not to buy drinks as a measure to save money for spending on other luxuries.

Here’s some of my ventures at eating out.

Negi gyudon at Sukiya

Sukiya is a cafe/fast food restaurant place which specialised in serving all sorts of beef and pork bowls at affordable prices. I decided to try a meal at the branch just outside Meguro station and was treated to a pleasant and satisfying meal for only 300yen! The amount of greenery may seem excessive but they used spring onions which had a sweet and light flavour.

KFC. Just randomly pointed at a bunch of pictures in the menu

KFC at Shibuya was a bit of a disappointment. The original recipe was dry and underwhelming, the new flavour was nothing to write home about and the accompanying ginger sauce was not very nice. I won’t be trying KFC in Japan again in a hurry.

I wonder what this is for…oh wait

Curious as to what these pieces of paper were for, I took a bit of time to examine them after finishing my meal. Apparently I was supposed to use them to hold the chicken instead of handling them with my bare hands like a barbarian. Oops.

Returning to Kugayama on a rainy evening


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