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Japan Autumn 2012 – Day 4: A Rainy Day in Tokyo

My roommate

I arrived back in Ikebukuro early in the morning and headed straight for Kugayama to put down my bags. The plan for today was to meet up with a friend in Shibuya and then spend the rest of the day familiarising myself with the route to and from work, and the general surroundings of my accomodation.

Travelling early in the morning was simple and relaxed, especially since I would be going in the opposite direction to everyone else. I arrived in Kugayama 40 minutes later, put down my stuff, started charging the phone, and took a shower. The kind staff at the Kugayama clinic had indeed set up a bed and transferred its former occupant to the wards downstairs. There were 3 different devices chugging away in the tiny little room; a humidifier, an ioniser, and some blanket puffer thing, so all traces of ammonia in the air was thankfully gone.

An hour later, it was time for me to set off for Shibuya. The friendly technician manning reception at the time saw me off with an ‘itterasshai’ as I was leaving.

Even rain doesn’t stop the Japanese

The rain started about the time I left the Kugayama clinic and continued on through the day. This didn’t deter the weekend crowd at Shibuya one bit and the Japanese were out in full force milling about on the street holding umbrellas.

I browsed the shelves of the Tsutaya near the train station whilst awaiting my friend. There was alot of promotion going on for the recent SKE48 album and single releases, as well as for the AKB48 SSA concert dvds. I refrained from buying anything just yet. Soon enough, my friend arrived with her partner and we went to an omurice joint for lunch.

Hayashi omurice. Yum!

Then later, a dessert cafe aimed towards women. It was obvious that my friend’s partner and I were the only males to have visited the store in a long while and the waitress kindly positioned us in an alcove out of the suspicious stares of the other patrons.

My friend’s delicious-looking crepe

Her boyfriend’s “Soup, salad, and bread”. Manly men don’t eat desserts in dessert cafes

My rosemary guava yoghurt soda

I tried a little bit of the crepe, which was just the right sweetness and packed with flavour, and my guava yoghurt was an interesting combination of flavours which worked really well together. Once full up, we headed our separate ways.

Finally found Hachiko

On the way back to the station, I made sure to find Hachiko this time. It was behind an ugly shed made to look like a tram, out of view from the train station’s entrance.

The next 5 days would be spent working at a clinic in Shirokane, which I won’t be covering in this series of posts, so the next post will jump to Day 11!


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