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Singapore Day 16-17 Sept2012

Mount Faber’s touristy stuff

These were my last 2 days in Singapore before heading to Japan for a 3 week work internship! My mom wanted to go to Mount Faber for dinner and have a look around so off we went in the late afternoon. Expecting a reasonable amount of scenery, I brought the camera and tripod along to snap some shots. It was actually a surprisingly good view up there although the vegetation was decidedly overgrown. Some vegetation is good to frame photos but the trees and shrubbery were obscuring much of the view.

Walking around, we found a walkway lined with various murals. They seemed relatively new and nicely made. Soon enough, we found the place we wanted to eat at but since it was still relatively early, I wanted to take advantage of the dwindling daylight and went in search of more scenery to photograph.

Unfortunately, it was quite foggy.

Cozy and picturesque spot to hang out

Lots of boats parked offshore

Weird condo that looks half-built

The view of the shoreline consisted of boats, the weird condominium, and Sentosa. On the other side was just lots and lots of HDB flats. Having had enough of trees and bushes encroaching on my photos, I settled down at the place we had selected to have dinner at.

A pot of tea, as you can imagine

Assorted appetisers. Yum!

Very high class tripe soup



Then it got dark…

I wasn’t able to photograph the rest of the meal due to it getting prohibitively dark and the restaurant’s lighting was extremely dim. Overall, the meal was delicious, but on the expensive side, likely due to the location and ambience. As you can probably tell, most of the food was Asian-styled, which is the theme of this particular eatery. It’s three neighbours consisted of a Western-style, fusion, and a regular diner, so you can pick and choose which to eat at according to your mood.

The restaurant’s deck just so happened to be perfect for taking night photos so I set up the tripod there and snapped some shots before we left.

By night

And thus ends the Singapore Sept2012 series! Next up, Japan Sept2012.



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