Boiling randomness

Singapore Day 12 Sept2012

Okay, so where was I before I was rudely interrupted by real life and horrid exams? Ah yes, still in Singapore way back 2 months ago.

Met up with some friends at Chinatown for a trip to Maxwell food center. I wanted to have some chicken rice at the much-hyped Tian Tian chicken rice stall. Before that though, I arrived too early and my friends were both late so I took a walk around the place, snapping some shots.

Multicoloured lanterns everywhere!

It appears as if it was some sort of special season or occasion for the temple nearby so there were lots of decorations all over it. Then I remembered that it was coming close to Chinese New Year which explained why the road was decorated as well!

Why red, blue, orange, pink, and yellow?

After finally meeting up with my friends, we proceeded to the hawker center and ordered chicken rice after a short bout of queueing. Unfortunately, it was so good that I completely forgot to take photos! However, I did remember that I had brought a camera when we sat down for some beancurd pudding.

Tau hui pudding

Later that evening, I met up with a different group of friends for ramen. It later led to tea at a random place some 20mins walk away.

Awesome ramen


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