Boiling randomness

Singapore Day 9 Sept2012

Cheesiness was widespread in Singapore even 24 years ago

I originally had no plans for today but then I met up with a friend and went to the National Museum together… but firstly!

Started off the day with a bowl of tauhui

Anyway, at the museum, we discovered that they were holding an exhibition of 200 years’ history of wedding dresses which my friend was rather eager to see so onwards we went. Thankfully, the museum staff accepted my overseas student card so I was able to enter for free!

I don’t think this lighting is really all that conducive for showcasing wedding dresses…

The exhibit was fairly interesting with a large variation of wedding dress designs on show. Most of the dresses looked old and dirty due to the soft yellow lighting which was quite strange. Perhaps they were trying to make them all look like antiques.

Crazy impractical

Once we had done our rounds in the wedding dress exhibit, we then headed upstairs to the regular attractions, picking the local history section to look at first.

Amusing screenwall

Chandeliers started swinging dangerously outside

Before entering the local history exhibit, we were outfitted with some not-so-fancy gadgets through which we had to input numbers found on the floor in order to listen to someone to talk condescendingly about the current area through provided earphones.

Probably the only archaeological find in Singapore

Some old man who told us pointless stories

Retro televisions! No, that’s not a helmet

On the way home, I dropped by Sim Lim square to buy a mouse but forgot to buy ram for my laptop. Shall need to return there one of these days.

Razer Abyssus, plastic edition









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