Boiling randomness

Singapore Day 7-8 Sept2012

ION Orchard. Just hanging out~

Met up with some army friends for 2 days of mad weeaboo antics.

Somewhere between a garlic burger, weeaboo karaoke, and Gundam EXVS, we went to a Japanese Izakaya at Cuppage and also watched Wolf Children at Bugis+.

Kitsune Udon

I ordered a cheap bowl of Kitsune udon which I find is quite an effective way of measuring the¬†authenticity of a Japanese restaurant’s ingredients and sauces. Safe to say it was up to expectations and also the amount of beancurd was fairly generous and tasty. If I ever return here, I might try a more elaborate dish.

Wolf Children was a pretty good movie, overall. Lots of sentimental heartstring pulling and tearjerking moments as well as a very immersive atmosphere and mood throughout the film.


Wolf Children poster that was given out when we bought our tickets


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