Boiling randomness

Singapore Day 6 Sep2012

Gardens by the Bay

Today I met up with a friend to go to Gardens by the Bay near Marina Bay from Day 4. As this place was undergoing construction last I was in Singapore, this would be my first time visiting it. Knowing it was probably foolish to have gone to the Botanical Gardens yesterday, I tried to reset my state of mind in order not to get bored of all the greenery that I would be seeing yet again.

Before leaving home, I had some time to eat one of the lovely liquor mooncakes bought yesterday

Came in a rather nice red box

The mooncake itself

Met up with my friend later and decided to have a look around the inside of Marina Bay Sands before going to Gardens by the Bay.

People actually pay to be rowed around in a boat inside the shopping center

This used to be an exhibition ground

Next, we headed over to Gardens by the Bay and amusingly, the first thing we would see was the Dragonfly Lake. Very very similar to the Swan Lake of the Botanical Gardens.

Some fake dragonflies. No real ones to be seen

The ‘Supertrees’ as seen from Dragonfly Lake

We then walked through the Malay and Indian gardens to get to the two domes. Interestingly enough, everything outside of the domes and OCBC walkway are free of charge. The queue for tickets to the domes was thankfully quite short so it wasn’t long before we were able to head into the air-conditioned enclosures.

By seemingly random choice, we went into the Flower Dome first.

Inside the dome…

The Flower Dome had plants from all over the world split up into their respective habitats and environments along the sides of the dome. The Australian section didn’t look very familiar at all.

Trying to take an artsy shot

Most of the plants had lovely colours


Also, cacti

In the middle of the Flower Dome was a small field of flowers manicured to form a pattern which I could not make out as the crowd taking photos was quite thick.

I’m on the wrong side of this field…

Having explored the Flower Dome, we then exited it and entered the Cloud Dome where we were greeted with a heavy spray of water as soon as the doors opened.

It was a 6 story high waterfall splashing water in our face!

Sadly, there was no actual fog while we were in the dome today so it was just very very wet but also nice and refreshingly cool. This dome had older and more exotic plants.

Venus Flytraps

Lots of walkways snaking in and out of the artificial hill

Once done with the Cloud Dome, we then went over to the Supertrees and waited for nightfall and the subsequent light show.


Quite a nice view of MBS

The OCBC walkway


Pretty lights

Shortly after nightfall, the light show started. I was expecting something a little more flashy but it turned out to be just a few lights going on and off and changing colours.

Light show in progress…

The finale

Once the lightshow was over, I packed up and headed home. Had dinner in Serangoon on the way back and also came up on the wrong side of the road at the MRT station near home so I decided to make the most of it and took some photos on the overhead bridge.

Uneven traffic


Oshi photo get!



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