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Singapore Day 5 Sep2012

Botanical Gardens

Today was fairly uneventful but I did go over to the Botanical Gardens for a short walk before heading to Jumbo for some much-anticipated seafood.

Upon entering the West(?) gate, it was only a short walk to the cheesily named “Swan Lake”.

The ‘swans’

No real swans, only turtles and fish

To tell the truth, the Botanical Gardens wasn’t particularly exciting. There were trees and flowers of all sorts but nothing that exciting to write about. However, those looking for a peaceful walk/jog or plant lovers will definitely enjoy this place for all it’s worth. Now follows the obligatory series of plant photos~

Yeah, flowers…



One part of the gardens featured a small waterfall with a cave that you could actually go into. However, I wasn’t quite game on doing cheesy poses.


Some fish at the foot of the waterfall

Once it was almost time to meet some relatives for dinner, it was off to Dempsey Jumbo! Turned out to be quite a long walk but I made it without being too late.

Yes, it was still quite early for dinner

The place had been booked out for the usual dinnertimes so we settled for an early booking at 6pm which was still quite reasonable. Had the usual vegetables with tofu dish, chilli crab, some fish, and a dessert.

Vegetables with Tofu

Some fish deep fried to a crisp

This is what I’m here for!

Yam dessert

The restaurant gave us a 25% off voucher for mooncakes which were being sold just outside so we went to have a look.

Ended up buying a box of the liquor mooncakes since they tasted really good


Ordered this bag to be delivered to Singapore a while ago.

As mom was needing a decent camera bag for her future trips, I decided to get her one from Deviantart and also order something for myself to make the extortionist shipping price a little more worthwhile. This backpack will be my lifeline on my trip to Osaka!










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