Boiling randomness

Singapore Day4 Sep2012

Photography Day!

As you might have noticed, Day 3 has been skipped as it was a day of visiting the relatives and generally nothing worth writing about here.

Day 4, however, turned out to be quite an exciting day of photography. Starting out in the afternoon at Orchard Rd, I had planned to meet a friend who would show me the ropes with the camera and bring me round to some nice spots.

First on the agenda would be for me to get something to eat before meeting my friend. Took the bus down towards the city center and alighted at Takashimaya where I found myself getting lost in the sea of people that are present at all times in this area.

Now, the dilemma I was faced with is this: KFC or ToriQ? Yes, very silly choices but I can’t get cheese fries, crispy chicken, or chicken skin yakitori in Melbourne!

ToriQ it is!

The annoying thing about ToriQ in Takashimaya is that you can never find a place to sit and the queue is always really long but I did find a spot to station myself while I gobbled up the 4 sticks I bought.

Met up with my friend in ION and down Orchard Road we went, taking random photos of whatever took our fancy.

Random structure on the way to Plaza Singapura

Our night destination…maybe?

Decided to have an early dinner in Plaza Singapura whilst the queue for Ayam Panggang wasn’t present yet.

Ayam Panggang. Heavenly blackness…

Eventually, we headed over to Esplanade and the rooftop which offered a decent view of the bay…for free!

Marina Bay Sands

Singapore Flyer was just down the road

Lights turning on as the sun sets

There were some rather annoying structures that would invade into the frame from this vantage point so we decided to walk down towards the Helix bridge and Marina Bay Sands itself.

Marina Bay Sands and it’s “hand”

We were fortunate enough to catch the light show

The light show continued on even when we reached the helix bridge

View of the other side of Marina bay

Fullerton Hotel

It seems like we spent so much time taking photos that we were still there when the next light show started! This time, we were able to walk down to the viewing platform where the fountains could be seen.

Fire and fountains!

Quite a spectacular finale

Once the show ended, the crowd went on to stare at a slowly draining fountain type hole in the roof thing.

Fountain? …or hole?

No loot today as I didn’t see anything worth buying, especially in such an upmarket place.




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