Boiling randomness

Singapore Day 2 Sep2012

Spiderman photobombing my Star Wars

Today would be a rather hectic one with two conventions to go to, namely STGCC and Comex. First up is STGCC which is an all round geek fest covering Western comic books and art through to Manga and Japanese novels. Games such as Dragon Nest and Gundam Capsule Fighter had a presence there too.

I woke up fairly early to meet a friend and hopefully get into the exhibition hall early enough to be able to leisurely browse the merchandise offered. I had planned to buy something to get signed by Itou Noizi, the creator of Suzumiya Haruhi and Shakugan no Shana, but this proved to be quite a difficult feat. No Shana goods was to be found and the only Haruhi-related item was a Kyon Nenderoid by Goodsmile.

Worth mentioning is that my friend dressed up as a Kamen Rider (Dajadoru to be exact) and I was his spotter the entire time. It was an interesting experience and I got much amusement from his waves of popularity as we wandered around the exhibition hall.

The Ally of Justice…UNMASKED

Unfortunately, I didn’t really fit into the niche audience which STGCC primarily appealed to and as such I was unable to appreciate the booths manned by indie artists or the immensely overpriced Western superhero goods. As such, I mostly spent time looking at lego and gundams while waiting for my chance to get something signed by Itou-san.

This castle seems kinda doomed

Impressive Star Wars display

Custom FA Gundam Unicorn


The Avengers

It finally came to signing time and as I was lining up I realized I was the only schmuck who brought a silly nenderoid. Everyone else had much more dignified offerings of artbooks and novels; things that Itou Noizi was directly involved with in their creation. Fortunately, a kind soul offered me one of his boards and I gladly took it off his hands. Itou-san still found something to laugh at me about though.

After STGCC, I headed over to Comex which was so crowded that if you told me the entire population of Singapore was present in that one building, I would have believed you. The congestion was so bad that I wasn’t able to actually get into the exhibition hall and instead resorted to browsing the stalls that were set up along the walkways. No photos here as it was madness. After a while I bought a case for my tablet and moved on.


Itou Noizi signed board and Kyon Nenderoid

As nondescript as they get

Belkin leather case








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