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Singapore Day 1 Sep2012

That other home of mine

After 8 months, I’ve been given the chance to return to Singapore for a 2.5 week visit before heading over to Japan for a short holiday and 3 weeks of free labour. Getting on the flight here was fairly uneventful and the hours passed quickly as I had plenty of movies to watch on the in-flight entertainment system. I didn’t even need to take out the tablet or psp!

Despite the flight being delayed by about 30mins due to a problem on the Melbourne side of things, I arrived in Singapore when it was still bright and scorching outside. However, there wasn’t much time before needing to rearrange the contents of my bags and set out for Orchard Road, the good ol’ city center.

I took a few minutes to briefly familiarise myself with a DSLR my mom graciously decided to loan me for the duration of my stay overseas (yes, including Japan) and took it with me. So for the first time, all photos will be taken by me for this series of trip reports! No guarantees on photo quality as I’m very much a beginner and I may not always use the DSLR everyday.

The road out

Went for dinner at Menya Musashi, ordering some pork ramen in black soup thing.


It actually tasted pretty good and the pork fat was well rendered, turning those huge pieces tender and tasty. After the rather hearty meal, we went on to wander the aisles of Kinokuniya, then moved on to cuppage for a few hours of weeaboo karaoke.

Louis Vuitton is investing in tentacle monsters now


My friends got me this at an event which took place the week before I arrived.

Yanagi Nagi CD…signed!



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