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Japan Trip: Autumn 2012

It’s that time again~

It hasn’t been too long since the last trip but I was fortunate enough to land a 3 week placement at a veterinary clinic in Tokyo, and thus I shall be visiting our favourite country once again! For the moment, I shall be updating this post as plans come together and I get myself organized.

Items to be placed:


  • Odaiba
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden – Supposed to be most beautiful garden in Japan. Probably worthwhile to stop by to see the autumn sights.
  • Yoyogi Park – Apparently there’s all sorts of pop culture stuff happening here
  • Meiji-jingu Shrine – Much less crowded than Asakusa
  • Roppongi Hills – The sky deck sometimes has wild and whacky events, also the Mori Art museum which is included in the ticket could be fun
  • Akihabara – Merchandise? Could also try for NotTV
  • Asakusa – pudding and sushi, ’nuff said
  • SKE48 Shibuya Shop
  • Bandai Museum (In Tochigi)
  • Meet friend in Tochigi
  • Ghibli Museum
  • Square Enix Showcase ‘Shop’
  • Suginami Animation Museum
  • Biohazard Cafe at Parco Shibuya

Itinerary so far…


19 Wed – Arrival

  • Narita Airport 1710hrs
  • Find a store (Bic camera, etc) to buy a b-mobile data simcard
  • Meet Koishi, the clinic liasion, at Sheraton Miyako
  • Visit Daktari Animal Hospital Tokyo Medical Center and meet the staff
  • Proceed to provided accomodation at Daktari Kugayama Hospital
  • Repack for Osaka
    • Thinking of bringing only 2-3 changes of clothes, assorted electronic gadgets, and of course the file of tickets etc
  • Look for b-mobile data simcard if not already purchased
  • Take the overnight bus to Osaka (~10hrs travel time)
    • Ikebukuro East exit, Sunshine Lyceum 1F bus terminal
    • Check in: 2145hrs, Departure: 2150hrs

20 Thu – Kyoto

  • Kyoani Shop (travel time 1hr9min)
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine – Epic tori gates (travel time 20mins)
  • Shijo-dori –> Higashiyama – Shopping streets
  • Free time till dinner then head back

21 Fri – Osaka day 1

  • Overnight bus from Tokyo
    • Kintetsu Namba Station, in front of Kintetsu Namba Building
    • Arrival: 0820hrs
  • Head to New Osaka Hotel Shinsaibashi
    • Too early to check in so I will leave the heavier items in their care till I return later
  • Exchange Maeda Atsuko mini-live redemption coupon for a real ticket at any 7-11
  • Hang around Shinsaibashi + look for lunch
  • Sakuya Konohana Kan – Biggest nature conservatory in Japan, interesting architecture and flowers and stuff
  • Visit NMB theatre, shop, cafe
  • Dinner + Explore Namba

22 Sat – Osaka day 3 (items pending, possibly afternoon unplanned)

  • NMB48 写メ (2-shot) event
    • インテックス大阪 (Intex Osaka)
    • Block 1: Jo Eriko – 0930-1030hrs
    • Block 3: Kondo Rina – 1230-1330hrs
  • Remainder of afternoon
  • Head to Kobe
    • Maeda Atsuko mini-live at Kobe
      • 神戸国際会館 (Kobe International House, Kokusai Hall)
      • Reception opens: 1630hrs, Event starts: 1830hrs, Projected end time: 2000hrs
  • Head back to Osaka
    • Umeda Sky Building, if there is time
    • Overnight bus to Tokyo (~10hrs travel time)
      • Umeda Sky Building, East Tower 1F
      • Check in: 2120hrs, Departure: 2220hrs

23 Sun – Preparation for Clinical Placement

  • Overnight bus from Osaka
    • Ikebukuro East exit, Sunshine Lyceum 1F bus terminal
    • Arrival: 0850hrs
  • Return to accomodation at Daktari Kugayama Hospital
    • Scout out area
    • Figure out access to food and other necessities
    • Prepare needed items and sleep early

24Mon-28Fri – Clinical Placement Week 1

29Sat – Fate/Zero Exhibition

  • Venue: Sunshine City
  • 1000-1700hrs

30Sun (unplanned)


1Mon-5Fri – Clinical Placement Week 2

6Sat (unplanned)

7Sun (mostly unplanned)

  • Tokyo Sky Tree 17:30-18:00hrs entry (ticket bought online)

8Mon-12Fri – Clinical Placement Week 3

13Sat (items pending)

  • AKB48 4th Album Handshake/2-Shot Event (timings tbc)
    • Tokyo Big Sight
    • Block 2: Suda Akari 1030-1200hrs
    • Block 3: Watanabe Mayu, Suda Akari 1400-1500hrs
    • Block 4: Fukumoto Aina, Watanabe Miyuki x2 1530-1700hrs
    • Block 5: Yokoyama Yui 1700-1830hrs

14Sun – Leaving Japan (Possibly morning unplanned)

  • Morning
  • Narita Airport 1820hrs

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