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48-family Tune Highlight: Bird

For the 2nd instalment of 48-family Tune Highlight, we take a look at “Bird”.

“Bird” is a song from Team A’s 3rd stage which is the same stage that NMB48’s Team N made their debut in the theatre with. The lyrics are, again, about love, but this time the content is much more melancholic. It’s difficult to understand but I think the avian metaphor is describing love that is either lost or out of reach, or perhaps both. The lyricist, Akimoto Yasushi, certainly likes his bittersweet love.

The particular version shown in the video has Yamamoto Sayaka, NMB48’s ace and captain, as the lead singer. This is not to say that the original by Takahashi Minami is in any way inferior. I find that the song relies heavily on the singer’s strength, both vocally and emotionally, to bring the melody to life and Yamamoto delivers exceedingly and with flair.

Choreography is simple, allowing the singer to concentrate on vocals while emphasising the bird imagery.

As a side note, the 3 more impressive performances of this song are largely to the credit of each lead singer, Takahashi Minami, Takayanagi Akane, and Yamamoto Sayaka. Each is captain of their own teams and possess much of the strength required for this song but are usually let down by their backup vocals. However, just recently at the Saitama Super Arena concert, these banded together to perform this song in what could very well be the most epic rendition ever. I’m really look forward to hearing it when that concert’s dvd is released.


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