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Watching Videos using Softsubs

Another commission by MyAidol


This time, I will be teaching you how to watch videos using softsubs! First off, you need the video without subs which you can get from your favourite source, whatever it may be. MyAidol followers, look no further than here, while everyone else please refer to here.

Once you’ve got your video, you need to get the subtitle file. This is usually in the form of a file ending in “.srt” or “.ass”. MyAidol will be distributing both types so you can pick whichever you’d like. I recommend the .ass for faster computers while the .srt is a safer bet for slower systems.

Most media players will be able to integrate the subtitle file into the video provided you place them in the same folder and they have the same names but sometimes it just refuses to happen. For that, I would highly recommend you get Media Player Classic on your system. For Windows users, downloading and installing the CCCP will ensure you have no more video problems in the future.

Okay here’s a checklist of what you need so far:

  1. The raw video
  2. The subtitle file
  3. Media Player Classic (+any codecs. If you can play the raw video already, then you’re fine)

You canNOT leave any of the 3 out.

Now comes the tricky bit. Play the video using Media Player Classic and check to see if the subs are showing up (sometimes it loads automatically). If not, you can pause the video but DON’T close the player. Go to the folder where your subs are located and…click and drag the subtitle file INTO Media Player Classic. You can now play the video from the start again or just keep going and the subs will definitely be there!

Happy watching~


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