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Mass Effect 3: From Earth to Mars

First stop, Mars

We left off last time leaving Earth to unite the races. However, before we go trotting to the Citadel, Admiral Hackett wants us to check out Mars. Apparently a Prothean archive research facility has gone silent and it might have been on the verge of a discovery that would give us a fighting chance against the Reapers. Also, Liara was last stationed here and she might be in trouble.

The landscape is decidedly dusty and there’s even a giant sandstorm brewing close by. A short walk later and you find out the reason behind the facility’s silence.

It's Cerberus!

Apparently Cerberus wants to get their hands on that discovery too, and for a reason that’s not the same as the rest of the Alliance. Dispatching them proves to be just as easy as it was in the 1st game and a short run later, we find ourselves ascending into the Mars facility via a freight elevator. Here, we pick up a fourth teammate, Liara. She half-explains the situation and indicates that we need to quickly move to the archive before Cerberus does, and so that’s what we do.

Bad. Ass.

A good portion of our time on Mars is then spent storming hallways, clearing rooms, and piecing together what happened from poor quality surveillance videos. A Cerberus agent had infiltrated the ranks as a scientist and was responsible for the ease at which they had invaded and killed almost everyone in the facility. Some fun turret avoidance combat later, we’re stuck on the wrong end of the building because Cerberus has shut down the trams. Ashley has a great idea and Shepard gives her the go ahead to act on it.


The plan was to radio in, pretending to be one of the soldiers, and hope their commanding officer’s stupidity gets the better of him. Upon removal of a helmet, you find out that they look almost like husks! Yup, Cerberus is definitely evil, or indoctrinated, or both now. There’s definitely no going back for Shepard.

The commanding officer is radioed and he proves to be stupid enough to send a tram over which leads to exploding tram combat fun and before long, you make it to the archive, only to be thwarted by the illusive man and his obsession for holographs.

Liara, pointing a gun at a holograph is useless. Please go back to work

Once the illusive man finishes his spiel, Liara notes that the data we came for is being erased locally! Ashley, being a good soldier, has been inspecting the area all this while and finds the culprit: that Cerberus-planted scientist. This then becomes a chase sequence where you have to keep up with an impossible-to-catch woman who flings crap and shoots at you. James decides to crash a shuttle into the one she boards, destroying it and giving Liara a heavy knock. Shortly after, the scientist jumps out of the flames ala terminator and proceeds to terminate Ashley.

Okay, that's not cool

This becomes a slow motion scene where she runs right at you and need to quickly gun her down before she terminates Shepard. Once that’s over with, you pick up your injured, grab the terminator, and board the Normandy.

Now you can head to the Citadel for some fun times with politics. But on the way, General Hackett wants to speak with Shepard.

The new illusive man?

What data was gathered from Mars showed that they had found plans for the construction of a large, rod-shaped object that could defeat the Reapers once and for all. I guess uniting the races isn’t enough of a job for you and now you need to moonlight as a worker and scientist recruitment officer. Saving the universe was always going to be a tedious job.

The Citadel, as yet untouched by the Reapers

Shepard’s adventures continue on the Citadel in the next post! Stay tuned~


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