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Resources: When you don’t have enough vespene gas

Argh, too much technology!

In the interest of reducing the media load of future posts, here are some handy websites where you can get your hands on the music, videos, merchandise, and whatever crazy stuff I might deign to talk about.

First off, the official and legal means: -stocks lots of Japanese goods, but with a focus on the more mainstream stuff. Tends to be on the expensive side but they have a very good selection. -my go to source for Japanese music CDs when I want original, sealed items with all the promised goodies packed inside. Cheaper than cdjapan but pretty much only stocks music and music-related items. -probably the best internationally available online source for hobby goods such as plamo and anime figurines. Very expensive, but sometimes you have no choice.

Your local anime shop -depending on where you live, this may or may not be available. Hong Kong and China goods are always inferior so watch out for fakes.

Your local CD and DVD shop -selection varies widely depending on where you live. Even if your local shop stocks Japanese goods, they may or may not be localised and therefore have different contents. Be wary.

If the above are not an option for you, there are alternatives… -Updated very often and lists every kind of Japanese media possible. If you know what you want and can navigate the clunky interface, this is all you need.

Videos: -a more elitist but simpler listing of anime episodes. Reasonably up to date and user friendly. -best source of AKB48 and other idol-related videos. Not so great for music releases and requires a login to track your quota.

Music: -for those who know how to use irc, this is an easy and quick way to get complete singles and albums for all anime-related music. -direct downloads of individual tracks for all anime-related music. -maybe attach “mediafire” to your search query when looking for other types of music. Can also be used to find pretty much anything else (cough).

If you’re still lost, -ask this website your question. It can bring you to places that teach you how to use your computer (that box with the fancy window that changes colour and lets you read and see stuff that’s not really there) as well as how to use the above websites. Good luck!


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