Boiling randomness

Shinryaku! Mechapot. (Merging and overhaul)

Our invasion starts now!

As the background and header images have so garishly “foreshadowed”, Mechapot and Rational Dorama Reviews will now merge and the focus of this blog will change a little. 2D meets 3D and fight to the death…in JAPAN!

From now on, Mechapot will feature the following:

  • Gundam, of course. Mechapot is nothing without mecha.
  • Anime and anime-related topics (VAs, music, silly polls)
  • Japan travels, though the next trip may not be in a while. I might rehash or reiterate some things though.
  • Dorama, whenever good series come about.
  • AKB48, SKE48, and NMB48, the one and only idol family I will follow.

I will be migrating several posts from Rational Dorama Reviews over to Mechapot so that I can deactivate that blog and have everything in one place so that will make up the bulk of ‘new’ content here for a little while. It’s not like anyone’s read those anyway.

By the way, on the left we have Nu Gundam which is piloted by the legendary Amuro Rey, on the right we have the ever so cute Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru, looking slightly like a creepy doll that just killed a teddy bear, while in the banner we have 0 gundam on the left from Gundam 00, and Suda Akari aka Akarin of SKE48 on the right.



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