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Day 19: Last minute shopping at Akihabara, then home!

We only had half a day to spend whatever remaining money and purchase items we really wanted today and the nearest place with things of interest was Akihabara.

Saw this on the way. Not sure what it is...but it's priceless!

We stopped by the AKB48 cafe and shop again to pick up a few things that the other members of the travelling party wanted, then quickly browsed through the idol photo shops. I specifically only had one target: a wall scroll featuring artwork by Kishida Meru, my favourite anime artist. Ascending the building where the art gallery was situated, I bought the one that had caught my eye 2 days ago, though not without a little difficulty communicating with the sales staff.

Lunch was found in a little seafood donburi restaurant. Considering the stuff that would go into each bowl, the price was not bad, and after having a taste, the seafood was decent too. They had a type of shoyu that went really well with the rice and I was tempted to order another bowl of just rice to eat with it. I’ll definitely be looking for this place again the next time I’m in Japan.

Salmon, ikura, and uni

This would mark the end of our trip to Japan, with the rest of our time spent on the train to the airport, then flying home. It was a fun 19 day visit and though some may say it’s rather long for a holiday, it felt just right. Despite this being the 3rd time I’ve been to Tokyo, I’m still not bored of it and I may go back again in the future.

Things learnt today:

  1. Priceless!
  2. 25kg of new stuff is surprisingly easy to accumulate in 2 weeks. Pack light or restrict your purchases.


Pretty wall scroll. No title, by Kishida Meru-san

To all my readers who even bother to scroll through my loot photos, a big thank you for reading, commenting, and talking about these last 19 posts with me. I will endeavour to post more in the future. Also, there’s going to be a change to mechapot that has been occuring gradually but I will announce it soon! (maybe tomorrow)


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