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Day 17: Makuhari


The original plan for today was to head over to Makuhari Messe for a handshake event with AKB48. Long story short, things fell through, the CDs and tickets did not get delivered, and it was 100% the postal company’s fault. However, chara-ani, the company which handles the administration for these events treats failed deliveries as forfeit of purchase so we got nothing. At least we also paid nothing as the stuff was cash on delivery. As there had been alot of planning and time gone into figuring out and organizing all of this, we were very disappointed with the way things turned out so no location photos were taken on this day.

The tickets I would have been able to use were for: Sashihara Rino (due to the weird balloting system, I ended up with 3 tickets for this front girl), Sato Sumire, Iwasa Misaki, Nakaya Sayaka (budding seiyuu), and Shimada Haruka (the man of Team 4). But nope, nothing for any of us.

Makuhari is home to a Mitsui Outlet Park which we spent some time walking around in after finding out we were not going to see AKB48 at all. We stopped for lunch before heading back to the hotel where we took a short rest.

I was adamant not to waste the day so I gathered whoever had the same idea and left for the nearby Akihabara. We browsed the usual shops, this time prepared to make purchases as we already knew the average prices and it was only one day to our flight back. Sometime today, or in the past few days, I bought another CD, a Yuihan Calendar, and some figures from Zone of the Enders. We also stopped by Yodobashi Camera to try our luck with AKB48 trading cards, of which I bought 3 packs in total. Feeling adventurous, we explored a building which used to house some anime shops and we found an anime-themed art gallery. It was exhibiting very impressive works by high profile artists but if you wanted to make a purchase, it would set you back alot of money. For the more budget-oriented crowd, they did stock some wall scrolls that were much cheaper, one of which I would buy tomorrow.

We eventually returned to the hotel to gather the remaining people to have dinner and the rest of the night was spent watching TV, playing card/board games, and resting.

Things we learnt today:

  1. Chara-ani is ruthless.
  2. If you’re having something delivered to a property that is not registered under your name, make sure that the postal office is contacted beforehand so that they don’t just throw your package away, because they will.
  3. Even if things don’t go according to plan, the day is not over. I got good loot today!


Jehuty and Anubis from ZOE

Big calendar with Yokoyama Yui. 2 months per page.

Very lucky. 3 packs, 2 Yui rares


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