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Day 14: Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City

Day 14 would be devoted entirely to our visit to Tokyo Dome City. We were intrigued by a particular attraction there which promised to feature RPG elements and a wand you could take home. Arriving at the theme park, we worked out that it was roughly divided into two parts, and that a small Ultraman event was occuring at the same time. Sadly, not all attractions were covered by the day pass and the crazy looping rollercoaster was out of commision that day.

The few ‘rides’ that we tried were very mild and aimed at really young children, particularly this one which had you moving slowly through rooms with the aim of shooting at doodads with your laser gun. Although I was keen on having a look in the Ultraman exhibition, the others didn’t want to pay the entrance fee so we gave that a miss. We also tried the haunted house which turned out to be a short series of tiny dark rooms with motion-triggered animatronics. It was fairly entertaining since the setups were very obvious but not all of the others shared my opinion.

Looks good, but tastes bad

Deciding to have lunch at the theme park, we all opted to give ramen another try. This backfired massively as the soup had a very strong fishy taste, ruining the entire dish. Having to sit outside added to a bad experience no thanks to the freezing winds.

We spent a good 1.5 hours at the RPG thing which was basically fetch quest after fetch quests with no real character progression. It got boring but hey, we did get to bring home wands. Later, after splashing down on a log ride, we did some shopping at uniqlo and browsed the rest of the stores in the attached mall. I bought a grey hoodie as the jacket I was wearing wasn’t enough and it was getting colder as time went by.

One of our party members elected to go for a ride on the ferris wheel before the sun set while the rest of us hung out at Starbucks to wait for the theme park’s light displays to turn on.

At around sunset, we all went on the ferris wheel.

Tokyo Dome's a pretty cool looking structure

By the time we disembarked the ferris wheel, the sun had well and truly set and Tokyo Dome City’s 3 light displays were sparkling and flashing with activity. These consisted of an archway, a dome-like structure, and what looked like a spewing ball. The archway was equipped with Microsoft’s Kinect technology which basically spots people that stand in front of it. If you were alone, you could wave your hands to cause the archway’s lights to change colours and flash. It was not without romance however, as if you stood in front of the camera with your loved one, the archway would dim, and sequentially light up as the two of you walk through it.

Couples' Archway


The dome was likewise equipped with a Kinect. The whole dome spazzed out when a young boy decided to jump around and dance in front of the camera. In the meantime, a guy whose camera was do decked out that it seemed to have grown an arm was trying to take good photos of a mildly attractive woman, presumably his girlfriend.

A dome of lights. It reacts to you waving your arms

What it looks like from underneath

The third light display was a spewing ball. This time, there was no interactive feature but it was far larger than the other two.

I don't know what the creator intended this to be

Satisfied that we had seen and experienced all that there was at this location, except for a concert/event in Tokyo Dome itself, we headed back to the hotel.

Things learnt today:

  1. Tokyo Dome City’s pretty boring. Only visit if it is convenient and you don’t have anything better to do. Someone asked us where Joypolis was.

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