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Saimecha IKEMAAAAAAAAASU~ - 95726 gundam_seed gundam_seed_destiny mobile_suit_gundamNow that the exhibition phase of Saimecha is over, ExecutiveOtaku of THATanimeblog has announced the tournament bracket, presenting for all the love that is MECHA the contestants for the biggest poll-based mecha brawl of all time RAWR!

Unfortunately, all bar 1 of my noms did not make it so I don’t really have anything much to rave about BUT there’s still a fair number of mechs that I’ll be getting behind and hoping one of them wins.


And so without further ado, here are the mecha that I will be giving OSHI-PINBADGES to. (Pointless AKB48 variety show reference that nobody who reads this post will understand =3)

GUNDAM EXIA (Gundam 00) - 81646 mobile_suit_gundam mobile_suit_gundam_00
Yep, exia was the only one of my nominations to make it to the Saimecha Tournament Bracket and of course I’ll definitely be giving it an oshi-pinbadge just because it is PIMP. The fight animations bandai lavished on it in both 00 series as well as the splendid moveset banpresto worked hard on in GvGn+ completely changed my mind about exia and turned me from hater to fan. In fact, I’ve even got an MG model of it sitting on my desk right next to the computer now. I’m hoping exia will get to the semi-finals at least and face off with either Alteisen or Arbalest. ORE GA GUNDAM DA!

Alteisen = Manliness. The claymore shoulders, the piledriver, those CRAZY attacks we’re all used to in the SRW games and what makes it so special is that it’s meant to be a ‘real robot’ type.

UNICORN GUNDAM (Gundam Unicorn) - 45878 gundam_unicorn mobile_suit_gundam
At first it was the sleek industrial look of the normal mode that caught my eye back when unicorn was only in book form and so I went and bought an MG model of it in Japan (I was fortunate enough to be in Japan not long after its release and the crazy sales were going on where a kit was being sold at as low as 3,300 yen). It was a pain to build but I realized there was alot of attention to detail in the Unicorn’s design. Lots of moving parts and some minute changes that had to be made when transforming it to destroy mode resulted in a model that was beautiful in both modes. Then there was GvGn+ that showcased the awesome that is quadruple beamsaber destruction melee and finally G Generation World which managed to take the drama and tension from key scenes in the anime and transplant them into epic move animations. From then on the Unicorn Gundam will be one of the awesomes in mecha, for me at least.

KSHATRIYA (Gundam Unicorn) - 61160 gundam_unicorn kshatriya mecha mobile_suit_gundam
It’s no secret to Ottocycle and Shinchange that I have a thing for dragoon/bit/funnel suits and that I was raving about “DAT GREEN ZAKU THING” after having watched the first episode of the Gundam Unicorn anime. Marida’s debut battle scene in episode 1 is undoubtedly the most awesome funnel pimp done right and oh look, what’s that I’ve got in the banner =D

If Unicorn and Kshatriya face off in the semi-finals, I will CRY…cry MANLY tears of MANLINESS.

Also, what I find to be extremely interesting is the matchup between Sinanju and Hyakushiki. Will the fake lose to the real? Will recency win over legendariness? Is gold trimming better than gold EVERYTHING? Are sunglasses better than masks? Only time will tell…


3 responses to “Saimecha IKEMAAAAAAAAASU~

      • azn86.jedi April 18, 2011 at 4:19 am

        Not to mention that time i drove into OREGAN Ave near my house while after picking up Janice from her house eh…?

        And sorry to be a grammar nazi, and a Japanese language one at that…but isn’t it supposed to be IKImasu? I dunno, in keeping with the tradition of Gundam pilots going ‘IKIIIIIMAAAAAAAAAAAAASU’ just prior to launching their mecha into space?

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