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Coincidence… or Sheer Genius Plot Weaving? The Theft of the GN Drives

So, I was in deep chat with mshaydown last night and he was ranting to me about how his elder brother gets preferential treatment when it comes to getting a new car. Me and mshaydown being mecha fans (the former more hardcore than the latter), likened the automobiles currently in our possession (including his brother’s NEW car) to Gundams…

Mshaydown has been driving a blue Toyota Corolla that his parents got since they moved to Australia in 2002. He likens it to the Exia-R as seen in the 1st episode of Gundam 00 S2 (TERMINATOR EYE FTW! <—mshaydown says). Up until recently I was driving a bomb of a 1989 model Honda Civic (durable but cost so much to repair that it might as well be a zaku mass prod. type) but couple of months ago bought myself a new car (now with the need to get moar monies) in the form of a second hand 2004 Mazda3 hatchback…that mshaydown immediately likened to the 00-Raiser, much to my bemused chagrin. And his bro, was just given last week a brand new RED Mitsubishi Lancer… that I called the 00 QAN[T].

Now…how the whole conversation of him complaining his parents are giving his older brother preferential treatment evolved into mshaydown asking whether the GN drives for 0 Gundam and Exia were the same, I don’t know. I surmised that they weren’t to dissimilar to each other / Exia’s GN Drive was fashioned after 0 Gundam’s since both were used for the Twin Drive system on the 00(-Raiser), and how Ribbons yanked one off the damaged 00 and was able to use it on the 0 Gundam he (so conveniently, in more ways than one) found while running away with the GN Drive…


This is a scene from 00 S2 E1, where Setsuna F. Exia Seiei is recovered after a brief battle with A-Laws. Having tried every other genuine GN Drive in Celestial Being’s possesion, Ian Vashti breathes a sigh of relief knowing that Exia’s GN Drive is intact, and can begin the matching test with the already mounted GN Drive from 0 Gundam…note the the GN Drive is on the left.

In the 2nd episode, when the Ptolemaios (or just Ptolemy) was under siege from A-Laws snapshot20110412202807mobile suits after Setsuna went planetside to recruit Lyle and bring Sumeragi back into the fold, Setsuna forces the 00 to start by activating Trans-GrahAm. and silently begs 00 to awaken. However in his monologue, the picture references do not fit the earlier image, with Setsuna saying “0 Gundam is here…” while the picture on the left is shown, and “…also Exia” when the below image is shown.


Now, consider what we have thus far: The first image, showing presumably 0 Gundam’s GN Drive mounted on the LEFT side of the 00 chasis, and the discrepancy shown in episode 2 with the engines shown not matching up to what Setsuna is saying in his monologue.

IF we choose to ignore the previous paragraph, let’s fastforward to the last episode of 00 S2, up to the point Ribbons makes off with one of the GN drives…


Here we see that the LEFT arm (presumably with the GN drive from 0 Gundam mounted, as per ep1) being taken off…


…with Ribbons hauling it away (and subsequently locating the abandoned 0 Gundam amidst debris). He does successfully fit the GN drive onto 0, and subsequently sets off to find Setsuna…

..who he himself made off with (presumably Exia’s GN drive, assuming Ian mounted it onto the vacant spot on the RIGHT hand side of the 00 unit) the remaining GN Drive and mounts it on the Exia… and off they go stabbing each other and blowing each other’s unit up….


Ignoring the (apparent) discrepancy in the Setsuna’s monologue referring to the GN drives, is it coincidence that Ribbons yanked the drive that so happened to be 0 Gundam’s original GN drive? Or just plain laziness and advantage taking on Sunrise’s part? You be the judge.


One response to “Coincidence… or Sheer Genius Plot Weaving? The Theft of the GN Drives

  1. mshaydown April 12, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    I still maintain that they are exactly the same drives and hey, it’s gundam. EVERYONE steals EVERYTHING from each other and somehow or other everything is hotswappable and forwards and backwards compatible as long as you have a named engineer on your side

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