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Gundam Wiki SHOWDOWN ~mshaydown ver. Match #2

Continuation of this. Don’t worry, there will only be a maximum of 3 matchups.

Match #2

My mecha: GNT-0000 00Qan(T)

VS Kuzzey Buskirk in GNY-001F2 Gundam Astraea Type F2
597 Astraea_Type_F2_Front

Discussion: First impressions tell me that this could very well be a boring match because of how evenly balanced the whole thing is but then again I don’t know anything about astaeaF2. Time to analyze!

The 00q is the most overpowered thing to appear on any 00 animated series so that should help me out a little. Unfortunately, it is primarily a melee suit armed to the teeth in swords and blades which ‘realistically’ is extremely difficult to utilise efficiently on a beginner level (eg sword strike in rvz, gouf in rvz2+ and melee suits in senjou no kizuna). It does sport bits but they are melee bits which I wouldn’t know what to do with except smash them directly into my enemy. Not being newtype or (arguably) setsuna F seiei, I won’t be able to take advantage of the quantum brainwave control system to initiate naked adventures in space or even use the miniature veda terminal in any useful way. However, all the pure power inherent in the new twin drive GN system will be at my beck and call which will hopefully give me a fighting chance.

What about my opponent? Kuzzey’s one of kira’s “friends” who he largely ignores and later forgets all about. He’s a civilian first, and a communications operator 2nd so he and I would be at roughly the same skill level =P, except that I *have* done my part in the one year war (ask ottocycle or shinchange how much money we blew on senjou no kizuna). With 110 kills under my belt, I should have a slight edge over Kuzzey. But then, look at that red thing he’s piloting. It’s 3x as fast for sure! Astraea’s supposedly an intermediary design between the 0 gundam and exia but apparently it’s also a testbed for lots of experimental technologies. To make the transition from Astraea to AstraeaF2, it was upgraded with parts from exia and then upgraded again with a better GN drive so it should be more powerful than a stock exia at least. Aside from the usual transam etc stuff that is packed into all 00 suits, AstraeaF2 has a GN reflector that can manipulate GN particles but apparently is extremely difficult to use so I won’t be expecting Kuzzey to even touch that button. The AstraeaF2 also packs another surprise in the form of a GN hammer which is basically a ball on a chain.

On face value, this is pretty much a one-sided battle. 00q is far superior to AstraeaF2 across the board but the catch is who’s piloting them? Kuzzey’s a complete unknown when it comes to piloting mobile suits so he might just surprise us all and be an uber melee specialist. I have a feeling that he’s calm and cool, methodically planning out movements and tactics while drawing out the battle. While he’s able to hide and employ hit and run warfare, the 00q’s twin GN pink lacus dust fireworks will allow him to trace my every movement. I will have much more firepower than him though and chances are the battle will be over the moment he gets into my sights…DIE KUZZEY DIE!


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