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Gundam Wiki SHOWDOWN ~mshaydown ver. Match #1


I’m probably late to the party but I remembered having alot of fun with this back when shinchange showed me a forum thread holding this very topic. I’m sure mechafags will love this but normal people will be baffled, shocked and appalled…BUT IT’S SO FUN! I’ll limit myself to 3 matchups so I don’t get carried away and bore the internet.

Instructions are as follows:
Go to gundamwiki
Click on “random page” until you get a mobile suit (not flagship). That is what you will be piloting.
Now click on “random page” again until you get a character profile. That is your opponent.
Click on “random page” again until you get another mobile suit. That is what your opponent will be piloting.
Discuss the matchup, predict who will win/lose, and why.

Upon further retrospection, I believe there is a fair need for me to declare my own imaginary stats and skillset just to reduce the amount of subjectivity (if at all possible). Being a harsh judge of myself and keeping in mind this is literally a nonsense post, you’ll note that I am a particularly useless pilot =3 Oh and I’ll also be basing this heavily on my performance in  Senjou no Kizuna, RvZ, RvZ2+ and GvGn+ which I played with and against ottocycle and shinchange very often a few years ago.

Atk: Average – able to land direct shots 65% of the time, factoring in range and obstacles. Uses all weapons to good effect.
Def: Average – listens to and takes note of alerts, but not newtype
Pilot type: Grunt – Needs practice to get to know his mecha, after which can be competent at it. However, is unable to plan more than 2 or 3 moves ahead and has poor leadership skills.
Misc traits:
Spatial awareness – +2 when using funnel/bit/dragoon units. Can visualize where units are on the battlefield.
Grounded – Uncomfortable in the air. THE BOOST BAR IS TOO SHORT FOR THAT!
Experienced mechwarrior – Heavy and clunky is nothing new to me, taste my PPCs rawr

Match #1

My mecha: RX-78-3 Full Armour 7th Gundam


Tokio Randall in GX-9900 Gundam X
Tokio-msg Gx-9900

Discussion: Alright lets get it on! First impressions: I have absolutely no chance in hell and will prepare to be blasted to oblivion. But what the hey, lets analyze this a little anyway.

The FA7th’s armour parts are not so much for protection as they are for adding more weaponry so I’ll still be needing to rely on dodging and the shield to defend myself. A myriad of weapons is at my dispense, including enough missiles to create macross missile hell and a mix of beam and conventional weaponry will allow me to take on the gundamX at any range I see fit. Also, there is probably enough ammunition and variety to let me give myself cover fire if needed. Spam and button bash seems to be the way to go with this but, with some practice, I should be able to get a feel for what situations go with what weapons.

On the other hand, we have Tokio Randall, hero of the F91 silhouette formula manga. He’s got plenty of combat experience, military training, AND spent time as a test pilot with anaheim electronics. He’ll be piloting the gundamX which just so happens to be a hero unit. It sports a bunch of standard weaponry, but most importantly, it has the flash system and a whopping huge satellite cannon.

The outcome of this battle depends greatly upon external variables such as the presence and number of gx-bits, whether or not Tokio is newtype and able to activate the flash system and the position of the moon. It’s definitely no competition at all if Tokio has access to gx-bits and the moon is in the right position for satellite cannon hax since he’ll just blow me to smithereens from every angle at every range so lets say the battlefield is an alternate universe asteroid field in the middle of absolute nowhere. 1v1 I might actually have a sliver of a chance given my vastly superior firepower but the fact that the FA7th is 9 times the weight of gundamX while using the same powerplant and made up of the same luna titanium alloy, I’d imagine my mecha is going to be 9 times slower and less responsive. It’ll be really tough and the battle will pretty much be decided in the time it takes for Tokio to close in to melee distance. Will beam/missile/bazooka/grenade spam be enough to take down gundamX?


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