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SaiMecha Nominations by Ottocycle and MshaYdowN

So we, being mecha fans at the core, decided to do a post similar to what ghostlightning has done, though with not as many robots.

Here’re my (mshaydown’s) nominations for SaiMecha. They’re rated based on awesome, badassery and any other extremely vague term you want to call it. What’s funny is that I initially started off with a list of about 14 but somehow after an hour, that became 4 as I tried to realize the reasons I had for nominating them.

GN-001REII Gundam exia Repair II not very different from the original Exia but I liked the addition of booster parts to the rear shoulder armour, torso and calves. My first impressions of exia weren’t very favourable and it was only after playing GvGn+ on the psp that I started to get an appreciation of how slick and awesome this suit was. ORE GA GUNDAM DA!

RX-78GP03S Dendrobium Stamen
Often mentioned as the control unit of the Dendrobium, the GP03 Stamen is usually glossed over as merely a part of something bigger. On closer inspection however, there is much to say about the design quirks and detail that makes up this final reiteration of the rx-78 before MkII replaced the entire line. For me, the most striking feature of the GP03S are those gorgeous wing binders which, together with the aerodynamic booster pack and overall sleek look of the mech, scream speed and manouverability.

ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam
Ignoring the debacle of a fail plot that is GSD, the Destiny gundam was a unit that looks very good on paper. It’s got at least one weapon to cover every range category as well as a mix of antiMS and antiShip weapons, all bundled together with an after-image producing gimmick to confuse hero pilots. What’s not to like?

Berserk Fury
berserk_fuhrer_vgaYet another mech from a cheesy and arguably crap series but in my childhood, Zoids was the most awesome thing on free to air television. This white mecha dinosaur FLIES and was meant to be faster and more agile than the main character’s liger zero but still packing an overpowered charged particle cannon that blasts things to smithereens in seconds. The episode it appeared in to face off with the liger zero was as badass as children’s cartoons will ever get.

Here be Ottocycle’s choices for SaiMecha. Do not expect rational thoughts hereon. Clicking on the name of the mech shows a picture or video of it.

Overflag (Gundam 00 Season 1)

Being the first mobile suit in Gundam 00 to make an impact on the seemingly omnipotent Gundams, and early on in episode 2 at that, Graham Acre and his Flag quickly got my attention. Also, little bits in the design actually show some engineering thought put into it – look at the limbs that definitely bring down the weight, and the flight mode actually makes some aerodynamic sense. I just chose the best looking variant out of all of them.

DyGenGuar (Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector)


Says something when the first two nominations of mine are piloted by weeaboo samurai really. I like it when mecha realise a new level of over-the-top, for example in this case it takes over the entire show! And yes, I believe that HUGE UNWIELDY ZANKANTOU THAT CLEAVES EVIL is trying to compensate for something.

Shin Mazinger + God Scrander (Shin Mazinger Shougeki: Z-hen)

More super robot conceits! There’s nothing to hate about it when it can transform into a GIGANTIC GOLDEN FIST OF JUSTICE THAT SHATTERS THE ENEMY INTO ATOMS.

Alteisen (Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector)

The real robot that thinks it’s a super robot, and very nearly succeeds in impersonating one. The Revolver Stake/Bunker is the coolest piledriver I’ve ever seen, just like how I thought real-world APFSDS rounds and Bunker Busters are badass with their penetrative ability.

Gundam Seravee (Gundam 00 Season 2)
I like hidden limbs, and as the pioneer of this gimmick, The O from Zeta Gundam was one of my mecha loves for a long while. The Seravee takes this to the next level by supplementing its overtly massive ranged capability with some melee usefulness which was so sorely lacking in its predecessor the Virtue.

SV-51 (Macross Zero)

Done right off the bat aesthetically what took the VF manufacturers 20-odd in-universe years to do, sleekness and all. For that it gets major props. Not to mention it’s so great at looking evil, especially in battroid mode.

Delta Plus (Gundam Unicorn)

My first mecha love was the Hyaku Shiki, when I fell for its ability to do the Red Comet Kick in the Zeta Gundam: AEUG vs. Titans game. That love was transferred recently when the Delta Plus appeared in Gundam Unicorn, what with it being a completed version, transformable and all. Feels like a bulkier Flag, which is obviously a bonus!

Vandread Dita (Vandread)

The first mecha show I actually seriously watched. It looked pretty damn menacing back in the day, Gonzo CG and everything. Those two crystalline shoulder cannons stay cooler than other mecha which share the same gimmick (Namely Gundam Double X and Freedom), definitely due to the bonus that they could be wielded as melee weapons, and a javelin. (Yes, yes, sexual innuendo duly noted)

Fuego (Rideback)


This is perhaps the only understated mecha of the lot. We’ve had mecha turning into planes, planes turning into mecha, mecha turning into GOLDEN FISTS and other overblown cheesiness. But this one is different. The Rideback is close to the heart, though at first the concept of a transforming bike with arms does seem a little daunting. And it actually seems like it could happen IRL!

Dai-Guard (Dai-Guard)


Realest super robot ever. It’s so endearing when you see the main pilot screaming about the stuffiness of the cockpit with an absolutely useless fan blowing away at his hotblood. Not to mention DAT PILEDRIVER GUN and DAT ROCKET PUNCH. (No, Zeus’ Rocket Punch wasn’t the first.)


9 responses to “SaiMecha Nominations by Ottocycle and MshaYdowN

  1. ghostlightning March 27, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    The Stamen is much, much better in an Orchis LOL.

    Destiny Gundam? …words fail me.

    Seravee? no way can it touch the wonderful Virtue+Nadleeh!

    Zeus, wasn’t the first indeed. Corin Nander in the 3x Kapool Kai was.

    • ottocycle March 27, 2011 at 9:03 pm

      I thought Virtue was perpetually worthless in its full-on ranged abilities when the show made Tieria fail to hit any named character with it. (Nadleeh and the casting off gimmick was nice though)

      But wait, I don’t have Turn A with me right now, but didn’t Corin actually have a rocket strapped onto the Kapool’s custom fist? Or was it strapped to the Kapool itself…

      I presume it’s nigh-impossible to divorce the hate for the Destiny Gundam from the series that spawned it. LOL

  2. ghostlightning March 27, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    It’s not entirely the case of I HATE EVERYTHING IN DESTINY, however tempting it is. I think there is an achievement unlocked with its incredible trashiness combined with how seriously it takes itself. The Strike Freedom evokes its self-image perfectly.

    GSD professes to be an “underdog” like Shinn, but who it really identifies with is Jesus Yamato with his drag queen of a Gundam. When the SF brought back the METEOR backpacks I just knew that it was THE signature Gundam of the series and completed the usurpation despite the name of the show and the Gundam that bore it.

    Re the Gundam itself, I thought the black chest centerpiece was ugly, and worse, the organic-looking wing frames. On a Vajra, maybe. On a Gundam, just no.

    • ottocycle March 28, 2011 at 2:15 am

      I agree that on the usurpation by Kira and his blingbling SF, just that I tend to focus more on economic decisions taken by the staff, which then resulted in the show thereby focusing on the appeal of the old cast, and upgrades of SF and IJ.

      Re. the METEORs I once saw a doting parent buy her kid TWO FRIGGEN METEOR model kits for SF & IJ at US$90 each. By that I assert that the marketing machine worked damn well indeed. Clearly the show subscribed to the gold and silver waiting to be fleeced from unsuspecting fans, and it even made it obvious by putting them SHINY JOINTS on SF/IJ, not to mention the Akatsuki (oh gawd). :3

      In comparison the hyooge Dendrobium box stays at the top shelf of the shop gathering dust (last I saw it).

      Also, wasn’t the takeover complete when the 3rd opening sequence (circa ep 27 onwards) of the show rolled along with the SF featured on the title card rather than the title suit itself? 😛

    • mshaydown March 28, 2011 at 12:42 pm

      I wouldn’t fault you at all for HATING EVERYTHING IN DESTINY or even ALL OF CE for that matter actually. Destiny (the MS) was initially brought to my attention back when GSD was airing it’s 3rd or 4th episodes, long before Jesus Kira came back, before golden blingbling gundams became trendy, and also before Vajra. For me, I saw beauty in how it set itself apart from all the Gundams that came before with it’s unique head design, and also how it summarizes much of what I currently love about Gundam as a whole – Big guns, extravagant booster packs, huge swords and gotto fingah.

      My approach to the GSD anime is really just to largely ignore it, funnily enough, and instead concentrate on the mecha designs that came out of it. This is especially true after the episode when GSD’s main character became Jesus Yamato and the main suit became Strike Sparkles FreeDom.

      But hey, no one wants to remember cosmic era anymore so lets not talk about Jesus Kira till SF and destiny appear on the polls =3

  3. ExecutiveOtaku March 28, 2011 at 1:40 am

    Nominations received and counted! Thanks for your list and for helping get the word out with a post. Victory to the Flag!

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