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Tune Highlight: Sub-Theme: Sentou II from the Freezing OST

Freezing is one of the dismissed titles of the currently airing Winter ’11 anime season. Featuring flimsy clothes the tensile strength of tofu and a cast full of well-endowed girls, that definitely meant that the crowd looking for better stories to their entertainment would simply cast this title aside after a promo image or two.

Meanwhile, I checked this title out nonetheless, as the music was tasked to Yokoyama Masaru of Queen’s Blade fame, and more recently Arakawa Under the Bridge.  Especially Queen’s Blade. Given the quality of the music he made for that show, Freezing seemed like a perfect fit for him.

Compared to the epic scale of carnage which the main theme ever-so-slowly builds up to, this one wastes little time in getting into the action after its short awakening. Having less orchestral to restrict its speed means that it can surge forward and really concentrate of the dynamic aspect. This is the steady whittling down of hit points via fast attacks as compared to the one-hit K.O. which the main theme offers, which I would readily prefer as I by far would prefer a sense of urgency in my battle themes.

Also, I really like how Yokoyama combines the old tricks in the book (especially how he times his pauses) to effectively convey the different stages of a shounen battle which we would probably all know: the High Noon Face-Off, the First Clash, the Lull for Explanation of Said Clash, the Upping of the Ante, and the Subsequent Overpowering and Endgame.

In the overarching purpose that an anime BGM piece should have, that is, to complement the happenings onscreen, I feel that it performs favorably. Of course, we all know the nature of Freezing already, but I would also like to add that this piece was played in an episode which revealed the classic ability that enabled speed boosts. Given how it compares to the main theme of the show, fitting, is it not?


4 responses to “Tune Highlight: Sub-Theme: Sentou II from the Freezing OST

  1. zzeroparticle February 27, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    I do think that Freezing has a good story; I just don’t think it’s veering towards that story fast enough and instead, we’re stuck with endless battles which have the objective of setting up the school hierarchy without doing much else.

    That said, the music has been fantastic and I really hope that the tracks featured in the OP/ED single mean that we won’t be left without a soundtrack. I know Amagami SS put Omori’s music on the character OP/EDs and it eventually got a full-fledged OST release.

    Anyhow, I’m really won over by the first of the main themes though the second main theme isn’t bad. The mix of instruments from the electric guitar to the strings really makes it hard to keep track of things organizationally. Especially when it slides into the Eastern tonalities towards the end. Talk about a mix of genres colliding to turn up something stimulating!

    • ottocycle February 27, 2011 at 6:54 pm

      Yeah, while the aim was to develop the main pair from formally teaming up via story obstacles in the school hierarchy, I thought that it was overdone in this case. Though it seems that this will be resolved next episode onwards, with the external threat finally coming into the picture.

      Also in other news: the good part is that there will be a BGM disc to be released, and the bad part (which I believe we’re all getting used to) is that it’ll be bundled with the home video releases.

      I wasn’t expecting so much buildup of momentum back when we heard the BGM making-of trailer for the show featuring the main theme(which of course won all of us over), so at first the inertia of the track sorta put me off a bit. Though once it made the somewhat abrupt jump to critical mass, it was pretty epic stuff. I believe that this is the first time we’ve heard Yokoyama employ the use of choral?

      As for the sub-theme, I saw the collision of instruments as a faithful depiction of a regular shounen anime battle, with the strings providing the flow, the electric guitar keeping the tension up during an intermission, and the use of pauses as a way to up it. Which of course suited the series, and the piece’s introduction awfully well.

      Finally, there’s only one main theme. The title of the sub-theme was a typo in a certain release. 😛

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