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[Mecha Game Soundtrack Non-Review] Another Century’s Episode R BGMs

First things first, there’s been a dearth of posts here lately. It’s probably because of the new academic semester going crazy on us, since AFAIK we’re all final year students in university. I don’t know whether that counts as an excuse, but that’s the truth, at the very least.

Anyways, in this period there seems to be a constant search term “Another Century’s Episode R OST”, or some variation of that, that leads some hits here, of course related to the recent release of the game. And I shall shamelessly pander to them now!

While it’s par the course for the ACE games to have no official BGM soundtrack release (ACE 1 aside) , we got a treat from Banpresto that came in the form of 3 bonus tracks that came with the OP single’s release. And here they are, though I don’t really find them particularly outstanding, really. Save the first one, which is so loopable it’s hypnotic in a good way. Personally I’ve used it for homework BGM occasionally when it was on the official site, so at least I can attest to that. The third one’s the worst offender really, it starts out promising but upon closer listening, the synthesised vocal’s Hatsune Miku vibes really come across as the jolting voice is superimposed over a flowing melody.

I hope you guys enjoy the BGM, all three of you out there!


2 responses to “[Mecha Game Soundtrack Non-Review] Another Century’s Episode R BGMs

  1. zzeroparticle September 5, 2010 at 3:57 am

    Track 1: I kinda like the electronica they put in here since it, like you said, puts you in that hypnotic state rather well with the ethereal-y vocals.

    Track 2: Almost have vibes of the Jenova track from FF7 just based on the way the piano/keyboard twinkled down before it descends into some sort of swingy motif or whatever that is. A lot of focus on the percussion though, so it kinda makes it eh.

    Track 3: I can see what you mean by the promising opening, but the vocals just meander and after awhile it gets on my nerves with its monotony. In smaller doses, I could be okay with it, but not here.

    A lot of electronica I noticed =P

    • ottocycle September 5, 2010 at 3:35 pm

      For the second track, it’s played as the equivalent of an Ace Combat Hangar piece, aka the mecha/plane selection theme of sorts, so I guess the emphasis on the percussion is meant to induce a sense of urgency in the buildup for the mission to come. I understand the need for it, but yeah I have to agree that it’s a bit overdone.

      Yeah, these Banpresto action mecha mashup game things always get a tightly budgeted original score due to the cash being mostly used up in the myriad of copyrights for the individual series’ inclusion. So yes, it’s up to the creativity of the music staff at Banpresto to improvise on the limited resources they have, making it either electone (as seen in ACE3) or electronica everytime really.

      When money is saved from merely licensing the super-deformed versions of the mecha, that’s where the musical gems start to appear from these same people IMO (i.e. from the Super Robot Wars series of games). You’ll see what I mean when we get to “Here comes the hero” week on MALKeionbu. :3

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