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Star Wars on an Electric Organ- maykoro aka azn86.jedi’s first post

Hi readers! As this is my first post, I’ll introduce you to a video and thereafter give you some background of a part of my geekiness, and it’s only appropriate that it’s related to my better known alias…

This would be the pinnacle of geekness for me since when I was younger I was a HUGE Star Wars fan (and geek). Ask mshaydown. He’s bore witness to how many lightsabers I have. Anyway, This is (from what I can only assume, given the title IS in Japanese) a Japanese person playing the 20th Century Fox  fanfare & Lucasfilm Ltd. Title theme that accompanied all 6 Star Wars films, followed by the infamous text crawl, trademark to said films (and subsequently used in almost every SW fan film, spoof, etc). The second portion of what this anon played  is specifically part of the track that’s used in Star Wars Ep IV: A New Hope (ie  the first Star Wars movie that ever came out), cut short by going into the famous Imperial March.

Here are the *actual* tracks that I’ve uploaded from the Star Wars OSTs I possess, just for comparison. For me the replication on an electric organ will never come close to an actual orchestra, since anything electronic tends to be too synthesized by nature, and the perfection (or perhaps lackthereof) of digitized analog sounds (ie from actual music instruments found in an orchestra).  I won’t go into the physics of sound and  how the timbre of each different instrument is in comparison to  what a synthesized timbre has.

That said, it’s a very good effort on this anon’s part. Unfortnately I don’t have the first bit, but everyone who goes to the cinema to watch something that’s produced by 2oth Century Fox will know the fanfare quite well. So without further ado, the tracks:

Star Wars Main theme & Rebel Blockade Runner

At 1.57 of the track is where the anon stops, and plays the infamous (albeit shortened in his version)-

Imperial March aka Darth Vader’s Theme:

One response to “Star Wars on an Electric Organ- maykoro aka azn86.jedi’s first post

  1. ottocycle September 3, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    I’m so late to this post. Oh goodness that playing was utterly phenomenal.
    *kowtow* orz

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