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Review of Coldrain’s Nothing Lasts Forever by ayeecaramba

First Aug post and first post by me! 😀

Ayeecaramba aka NOT Lim Teack (stupid msn) here. Hopefully mrshayshay hasn’t raised anyone’s hopes about my post because I can conclude with much confidence that I’m not the best anime reviewer out there. Hell, I’m probably worse than the worst of them. Truth is I’ve never reviewed an anime because I’m a regurgitator and a goldfish– I spew out important things about the plot unwittingly, and my 5s memory doesn’t help with remembering finer details. Ok pardon the goldfish reference, I know they have much much longer memories than I do sometimes.

Seems fitting that my first post will be on music. I’m not treading into the niche territory that is owned (and marked maybe?) by the 4 boys. My taste in music is pretty different, and this post is going to demonstrate my most extreme side. Perhaps it’s a good thing that my taste in anime is also different, hence the range of anime music I’m exposed to is also rather quaint, if I can call it that. But one thing I need to make clear is, I’m rarely a fan of a singer/group. I can like a song by a certain artist, but that does not mean I’m a fan of ALL the songs from that artist. Therefore I do not follow artists, at least not consciously.

Alright, enough about how weirdo I am. Today’s review is Coldrain’s new album, “Nothing Lasts Forever”. If any of you watch Rainbow, you’ll know the awesum OP that is Coldrain’s We’re not alone. I must clarify that I am not normally a fan of rock/metal music with screaming emo… singers and crazy drums/electric guitars. But Coldrain’s style seems to appeal to me, at least in this album. And also pleasantly surprised that Coldrain is a Japanese band that chooses to sing in English.

There are only 6 songs, which is surprisingly few for a full album (unless there’s more? I don’t really know). Usually in an album of 12 songs I would only like perhaps 3-4 (like=will put it on loop for days and days). But for such a short 6-tracked album, I’m surprisingly pleased with all the songs. Let’s start the ity bitsies then.

Track 1 – Die tomorrow

Very awesum track (oh did I mention, I’m not terribly good at describing songs too). The lyrics are pretty typical of you know, emo angst-y rantings. We might die tomorrow so we shouldn’t take things for granted. Isn’t it an interesting observation that rock is like the only mainstream genre that doesn’t sing that often about love? Anyway about the song, I like how they always put a little segment of acoustics with just the guitar and the vocalist. It shows off not just the voice of the vocalist, the skills of the guitarist, but also the merit of the melody itself, without distraction from the drums and craaazy electric guitar twang-ing.  And it’s this melody that I really like. Slightly melancholic, but yet slightly hopeful. As for singing… well you can’t go through a rock song without some form of screaming, so don’t get your hopes up. But other than that, their English is surprisingly good, and the lead vocalist has a pleasing voice. Nothing to complain about there.

Track 2 – We’re not alone

ROOOOOOOOOOOAAAR. This is such a desperate song about hope. I love how it fits with Rainbow, which is basically a dark depressing anime where salvation and hope are the only saving grace that keeps the viewer watching. Perhaps I will review that anime when it ends. As for the song, it starts out fast, staccato, and quite rushed, as if someone is running away from the enveloping darkness. “Sunlight was the only thing that felt right/ before I came here”. That is rather poignant isn’t it. Or perhaps I’m reading too much into it. But as the chorus approaches, the rhythm slows down to 4 beat per bar instead of 8, which gives it a feeling of finally soaring into the sky away from the oppressive forces bearing down on the ground. “We’ll stand and climb against these walls/And fight this fight forever more”. And we’re not alone. Which is also a central message the anime is trying to portray. Beginning to see how inter-weaved this song and the anime is? Awesum song, and awesome anime.

Track 3 – Stuck

A familiar song – they took a 90s Stacie Orrico classic and transformed it into their own. Nothing to say about the lyrics, but the rock twist on this song helps to take away some of the teenage bubbly lovey dovey feeling of the original song. I’m usually not a fan of covers of old songs, but this one has done something other covers don’t do, which is to put a new twist on the song that puts it in a totally different genre with a different delivery, tone and message. Which still works and is relevant to the lyrics of the song. Definitely gets a thumb up from me.

Track 4 – After dark

A nice play on moods in the song with changes in rhythm and tone between the chorus and the verses of the song. This is definitely a non-rock-listener friendly rock song. The break between choruses means your ears can take a break and appreciate the melody of the tune itself without having to interpret that through the intricate guitar bits. Sounds more like a pop-rock song during the quieter bits, but I guess that was intention anyway.

Track 5 – The youth

Hmmm. Nothing much to say about this one. The name of the song says it all – definitely an indulgence into rock for the band. More upbeat, more rock attitude. Intricate guitar strumming, drumming patterns, mixed with a fair share of scream-singing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad song, but with so many other fantastic songs on the album, I tended to just skip this song. 😛

Track 6 – Miss you

I’m usually one to like the one slow song from a rock album. But this song doesn’t quite do it for me. The tune is very soothing and the guitar strumming very delicate. However what that kind of ruins it was the vocalist’s voice. His voice itself was good, but you could feel the uneasiness behind it, like he just wanted to break out into scream-singing. Not calm enough for such a calm song. Halfway through the rhythm starts to feel a bit strained and you can feel the band trying to speed up. And it’s a song about love. Yuck (I’m really not a typical girl am I). But hey, don’t let a bad review put you off a song, because if personal opinions mattered so much then perhaps you should shoot yourself. Not that this is a bad review, I’m just saying the song doesn’t do it for me.

Well I’m finally done with my first ever review and post on this website. Hopefully someone will read it, and I doubt someone will comment on it unless they are Coldrain fangirls screaming their heads off. All in all this is a fantastic album for a first time rock listener. Surprisingly deep themes were explored by some of the songs, but hey, when you’re emo, you just sound deep anyway (please don’t kill me >_<). Great composing and melodies, and good playing by the band. They still sound young, so I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what else they come up with in the future (if I do decide to follow them that is).

And I’m hungry now. So it’s time for foodles. Ciao and cya next time!


One response to “Review of Coldrain’s Nothing Lasts Forever by ayeecaramba

  1. mshaydown August 3, 2010 at 12:02 am

    Nice songs! I’ll prob be taking a second look at Coldrain’s future releases if they do anymore anime. Quite liked the first 4 tracks even though I’m not a big fan of screaming either 😛

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