Boiling randomness

Konichiwa desu~!

Konichiwa mina~~!! Lotsa love here from ayeecaramba! Silly mrshaydown wanted to rope me into becoming his slave writer for this blog, but it’s ok, I’m so cute and sweet~~ that I said yes!


Sorry for the bimbotic intro but it just serves to remind you readers out there that I, ayeecaramba, or whatever you choose to know me as, is NOT your typical dumb blonde (sorry) ifrigginlovesebastianfromkuroshitsuji fangirl type anime watcher. The only few characters that I will gush about are… for me to know and for you not to know.
Having said that I’m not all serious and no fun. But what you think of me really depends on how much of myself am I going to show on this blog (stop imagining you otakus!).
Anyway enough with weirdo intros, in case Mr Boss Man comes to nag at me. I will see you when I see you. Ciao.

PS can I just say my favourite FF song is People of the North Pole in FFX Piano Collections. No one can replicate the original emotions in that song. And not many people love it. Perfect for me. 😉


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