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Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection


Since I’ve already bored everyone with my long historical article on the music of Final Fantasy, I will keep this short. Lately I’ve been listening to a playlist composed of all the Final Fantasy Piano Collection albums I’ve obtained over the years and the FFX-2 portion has stuck out like a sore thumb. The interpretations of a majority of the songs are close enough to their originals to be recognizable, and it helps that the FFX-2 ost translates very well to piano.


Wind Crest ~The Three Trails~

The beginning starts off very similarly to the original track but slightly slower and gentler, gradually easing into a purposeful melody. Eventually the song crescendos into an angsty climax which goes on for a while before decrescendo-ing into the slow and gentle flowing notes that you hear at the beginning. I really enjoyed listening to this (over and over all day) because the song would take me through a journey every single time.

Akagi Party

This deviated from the original so much that at first I wasn’t able to recognize it but that completely did not matter. The emotion that went into the interpretation of Akagi Party is raw and apparent throughout the song. Listen to pure genius.

Epilogue ~Reunion~

Epilogue ~Reunion~ is largely unchanged and retains the same feel as the original track so I would say that this is transcription done well. I do think that the piano version does the job alot better as I feel more sentimental listening to it.

Eternity ~Memories of Light and Waves~

Best rendition of the immensely moving Eternity ~Memories of Light and Waves~. Ever. I say thank you to whoever turned this already awesome 2 minute looping piano track into a 6 minute masterpiece. A great song to end the album with.


6 responses to “Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection

  1. zzeroparticle July 26, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    I maintain that the FFX-2’s original soundtrack was utter garbage aside from a few tracks that were decent, but man, did this album completely blow my mind. There’s just a lot to love here since the music translates really well over to piano, and the composers did a fantastic job with the arrangement. I think at this point, this might be my 2nd favorite FF piano to date (though I’ve not yet given FFXIII’s a listen).

    • mshaydown July 26, 2010 at 3:58 pm

      Totally agree, you’ve made me curious now – what’s your favourite FF piano?

      • zzeroparticle July 26, 2010 at 5:35 pm

        Well, going down the list from favorite to least favorite:
        FFX – absolute favorite. Love it to bits.
        FFX-2 – second favorite
        FFVIII – I really like how tracks like Silence and Motion sound awesome here.
        FFVII – Decent Hamaguchi
        FFIX – It’s a really close match with FFVII, but I never found IX’s soundtrack to be as memorable as some of the others.
        FFVI – Can’t go wrong with Terra’s theme on piano. The problem is that it’s a straight transcription, so not as much creativity. Still decent though.
        FFV – Meh, no strong feelings either way.
        FFIV – I thought this is easily the worst of the lot. Tried to enjoy it, just couldn’t. But hey, the Celtic Moon album is awesome.

        Haven’t listened: FFXI and FFXIII (why there isn’t an official release of FFXII leaves me wondering…)

      • mshaydown July 26, 2010 at 8:42 pm

        Ah FFX piano…I enjoyed that too but having played the game to a reasonably large extent and being disappointed with it probably affected my judgement a little =X I’d really like an FFXII piano collection too! Could it be that Sakimoto didn’t want his songs turned into piano pieces? I don’t know of any FFT piano collections either.

      • zzeroparticle July 27, 2010 at 4:24 am

        There’s an FFXII Piano Score book and if you look around, I think there’s someone who took the sheet music in that book and performed it track by track. Problem is that it isn’t a professional recording =P

      • mshaydown July 27, 2010 at 6:40 pm

        Yep I saw and downloaded that but they’re mostly straight transcriptions and imo don’t even do well as simple transcriptions. Plus the person who recorded the tracks did say that the sheet music had lots of mistakes in it.

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