Boiling randomness

So a new guy got roped in…

Anyway, this is ottocycle, and I am a RL friend of mshaydown’s. Up till now my identity on the internet has been mainly defined by MAL and twitter, and you’ll find a brief bio of me on MAL as well, so I’ll spare any reader the tedium of my self-introduction.

So as one might infer from the title, I have gotten roped into this corner of the internet due to the whims of mshaydown, so here I am. I haven’t actually decided on what I would be writing about, but I guess I’ll be going down the vein of anime music and voice actor (seiyuu) ramblings.

All in all this marks the start of my little foray into anime blogging. I know anime blogs are a dime a dozen out there, so thanks for reading, and see you around!


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