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Welcome One and All + MG Zeta v2.0 Karaba

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything more than 30 words long on the internet but I’ve decided to give it another go. As time goes by, I’ll be adding ops/eds regarding various random topics (most likely anime, gundam and veterinary) so for the queasy, technophobes and mecha/anime-shy, please return to for something closer to your needs.

Anyway, to christen MechaPot’s maiden voyage into the seas of fire that is the internet, I will be starting an EVENT – a showcase and review of my collection of (Sadly) unpainted and neglected mecha models. I use the term ‘collection’ loosely; I don’t collect these per se, I carefully select and sacrifice my hard earned money to procure these and only those that I personally think are AWESUM and WIN. They were either bought for cheap in singapore or bought for cheap in japan…none of that uber overpriced stuff off the internet or shopping malls.
First up! MG Zeta 2.0 Karaba Assault Use Prototype


This particular model was part of a limited edition run of the very popular zeta version 2.0 and features the grey and white colour scheme of the zeta gundam piloted by White Unicorn (most likely Amuro himself) in episode 9 of Gundam Evolve. It isn’t wearing any stickers or decals as I’m leaving those for after painting (think of these photos as a “before”) so it definitely resembles the classic zeta much more than the evolve version – I really do plan on painting ALL my models in a few years’ time when I can find time and money to purchase a spray kit and go for tutes so wait for that.


The overall appearance, though unpainted, is quite pleasing especially for those who like minimalism. That reddish trim gives it that 3-times-faster feel (obvious char reference). That huge detailed stand comes standard with all zeta 2.0 kits and is more than sturdy enough to hold the very lightweight zeta.


As you can see, I have not sanded down the points where I cut the parts off their sprigs as I’ll be leaving that for later when I will have putty to cover them up. Transformation has been vastly improved since zeta v1.0 but it’s still a pain and I did not attempt it as I did not want to degrade the kit’s joints any more than I have to (It’s actually been in this pose for 2 years now)


Articulation is excellent and the whole kit holds together very well with no loose joints or pieces falling out. I was quite satisfied with this model which I bought in Japan for 3300 yen and got a free 10″ cutting board as “service”. I did go back to search for that store but unfortunately it has since closed down/moved from its location in akiba.

Just as some added trivia, this particular Zeta will feature in the upcoming game ACE:R but requires unlocking – word on the street is that you will require a PSN code included in the first press limited edition.

Well, there you have it! Part 1 of the UNPAINTED AND NEGLECTED MECHA EVENT. Come back soon for part 2!


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