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MalKeionBu Week 55: Dawn

This week’s collection of tracks had a good amount of diversity, something I like to see/hear and makes for good listening.


Pazu’s Fanfare – Joe Hisaishi can’t go wrong. I get the feeling that it’s morning in a rustic European town but at the same time I want to go back to sleep. Pleasant song but not amazing. +1

Prayer Hill – I can see how this would fit into the theme of ‘dawn’ but it also feels like ‘dusk’ and general darkness. Very atmosphere-y, however it doesn’t stand out at all as a song.

True Light – Okay, this song is one of my personal favourites of all time and I am saddened to see it nominated in a week where it certainly doesn’t fit the theme. It is very much a ‘storm’ and nothing to do with ‘dawn’ at all.

Odayaka na Kisetsu – Kana! Memoooo! I like the lightheartedness in this piece which reminds me of the fond memories of watching Kanamemo. The vibe I’m getting is more of a ‘sitting at the kotatsu doing absolutely nothing’ though.

Mitsu no Yoake – The vocals just don’t do it for me and I struggled to sit through even half of this. I am aware that there are lots of people out there who absolutely adore this song so I shan’t say any more.

Engeki no Theme ~Haru no Megami~ – Hitohira’s OST is one that I have heard snippets of and enjoyed but haven’t gotten around to actually getting. This piece seems typical – long with several movements – and I’d gladly give it a few points since it very accurately depicts the transition from night to day that is dawn. Gentle and soothing, I definitely should go obtain this ost. +3

Odekake – The pleasant piano pieces in the Asatte no Houko OST generally all have this sort of gist but it gives me a very strong feeling of bright shiny daytime. The accompanying flute supplies a strong melody while the piano provides gentleness to the song.

Dewdrops – Usual Kajiura Yuki track. It is a good listen with her characteristic violin work however, and I am not as battle-hardened as some of us to not give it points. +1

Kin no Nami Sen no Nami – This feels more like a ‘morning’ track than a ‘dawn’ track imo. The vocals were very jarring right at the beginning but slowly weaved its way into the music over time. Probably not a keeper, but it was nice to listen to. +1

Startup – For one reason or another, I found this to be quite unremarkable on the first listen. When I went back to it as I wrote this, it suddenly caught my attention. It is another one of those ‘morning’ songs however and though I want to give it points, I have run out and it just doesn’t beat the other 3 +1s.


5 responses to “MalKeionBu Week 55: Dawn

  1. zzeroparticle July 20, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    I did wonder what the DNAngel song was doing in there as well since it seemed too… heavy to be a dawn theme. Also, is Kanamemo’s soundtrack any decent? Hashimoto’s work on Toradora didn’t nab me during the first go-around, but I’ve been told Kanememo is pretty decent as far as listening goes.

    I agree that the top piece was Hitohira’s because of how beautifully it weaves everything together.

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