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Ip Man 2–Ver. Bootleg


Mom recently obtained this DVD from an unknown source and passed it on to me since I thoroughly enjoyed its prequel, Ip Man 1. As they do, the DVD’s packaging comes in the form of a printed cardboard sleeve with both english and chinese writing on it. Amusingly, the packaging stated that the movie features English dialogue, as well as english/chinese/japanese/teochew subtitles, and is filmed in America. As stated in the little list of statistics, the movie is titled District 9 – something I’d be inclined NOT to believe. I popped the DVD into my disc drive hoping to be able to watch it with the promised English subtitles (I can understand Mandarin but it is laborious to watch a movie in) to find that the two audio tracks are mandarin/cantonese while subtitles are restricted to Chinese only. Somewhat unsurprised, I then googled an english srt file and loaded that onto MPC which worked quite well.


Goons one, two, three and four




Evil goon



Goon headquarters…ooh MAHJONG!


The slap of JUSTICE!




Weapon GET!


Weapon get?


Familiar face…


Chinese people do alot of things on this table…you can play chess, eat, and lay stools upside down around it.


Sammo Hung’s wire fu

The first arc of Ip Man 2 opens with fairly mild fight scenes involving the goons pictured above. You are later treated to a 2v100 fight at goon headquarters and then a showdown between Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung, all of which are immensely enjoyable. Sammo Hung’s experience in martial arts choreography shines just as brightly as it did in Ip Man 1 and to date, I have not seen much better in any other movie.




This guy is hilarious



The final showdown! This fight scene is well worth the $50 or so that you would spend purchasing an original DVD.


Cockyface Lee has a Small Dragon

2nd Arc of Ip Man 2 involves some politics and corruption with the British colonial rule and there are very cliched confrontations and issues at hand. Plot has never been a strong point of martial arts movies so after a while I subconsciously accepted that this is Hong Kong propaganda trying to masquerade as anti-racism/prejudice. You get two very good fight scenes, one with Sammo and one with Donnie, both fighting OveractKing.

Kawai Kenji reprises his role as the film’s music composer and you can immediately tell. The style of music is very much the same as that heard in 00 – Heavy strings and loud drums – to good effect. The soundtrack does its job and more, bringing a level of epic-ness to the film’s fight scenes that, before Ip Man 1, has never been heard of previously.

MechaPot gives this film a 4 out 5 – Fight scenes make the difference but the plot is lacking


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